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We have a passion for craftsmanship, wood, and history. We love bringing life to abandoned barns and by doing so, we’re being kind to our environment and creating unique, handmade home decor for families across the United States

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About Us

Our Journey

Our journey began in our own backyard when we had to make the decision to either restore the barn or take it down. Due to the exorbitant cost of restoration, we chose to take it down.

With each board that we carefully removed, Scott could see the beauty of what the wood could be. Starting with our own home, Scott restored boards and a beam that decorates our ceiling between the living room and kitchen.

As Scott worked on each piece he fell in love with the way the inner beauty of the wood showed itself as it was carefully restored. Scott feels that this love was given to him in order to save the valuable history of the wood. He felt that he had a connection to the wood that was beyond his own understanding. 


See, Scott was disabled and had a very hard time getting around physically. With little physical work he would become greatly fatigued and drained but still, he wanted to do something with his life. Scott asked God several times to help him find something he could do at home when his body allowed him too. Little did Scott know at the time, taking that barn down was a gift that God had given him. 

As Scott worked with each piece he had to learn new techniques with his disability in order to work with the wood but he had a new purpose in life that inspired him to push him to learn, work and be committed to finishing something everyday in order to appreciate the gift he’d been given.

So that’s the story. Please take the time to view our picture galleries. You just might find some inspiration for your next project. Please keep in mind that this is a small family business. Scott takes his time with each board to ensure that it’s natural beauty comes out. He sacrifices the time he puts in to ensure that each and every customer is more than happy with the end product.






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