Bambi’s Barkery – Healthy Treats for your Pooch made in WNY!

April 26, 2017

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

You hear it all the time – our pets are a part of the family.  They’re loving and loyal and don’t ask for much.

And we love to give them treats. But did you ever wonder what exactly is in those store-bought, mass produced treats?

With Bambi’s Barkery, you don’t have to wonder.  They use all natural ingredients that are actually good for our dogs.  Cheryl Kunitz is the owner and baker. She says her business started after she rescued Great Dane, Bambi, “This was around the same time that dog treat recalls seemed to start popping up all over the place. That is how the idea to start making my own dog treats got started. At first, my intentions were to make them for my own dog and close family and friends. However, several people suggested I start a business, and here we are over 2 years later.”


Yep. Two years and countless dog treats later, Bambi’s Barkery is booming!  Cheryl says it’s all because we love our pooches, “All of our treats are made with human grade ingredients, and yes, I taste test them on occasion. I used recipes I found online when I first started making treats, but have since done some tweaking to make them my own. For example, a lot of recipes suggested whole wheat flour, but I didn’t like the consistency. So after some messing around with test batches, all of our treats now use a mixture of brown rice flour and garbanzo bean flour. We also use ingredients like ground peanuts vs. peanut butter, because there are no added sugars or salt.”

Cheryl bakes up the treats in her Tonawanda home. They’re made with love – and with healthy ingredients, “Two of our flavors use wheat germ, which contains MSM and is a natural anti-inflammatory. I also use either vitamin C or vitamin E as natural preservative in my treats. They are both antioxidants and help support dogs immune health. A lot of thought has gone into our ingredients because I want all of our treats to be beneficial to every dog that consumes them. Each of our 3 flavors contain less then 10 ingredients.”

And Cheryl says the big hit won’t surprise you a bit, “I would say our most popular treat is “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart,” our bacon flavored biscuits. Who doesn’t like bacon?” Nobody I know!

If you’re wondering, and I know you are – you can find the Bambi Barkery treats at –

The Marilla Country Store

Bark Ave. Pet Salon

Daisy’s Doghouse

Sunny’s Natural Pet Market

OR online at Bambi’s Barkery Etsy Shop.

For Cheryl, there’s nothing ‘ruff’ (I had to) about it. This labor of love turned into the perfect small business, “I do love what I do! I love going to events and talking to people about their pets. I hear beautiful stories about rescues just like Bambi. I hear about dogs who have allergies or are picky eaters but love my treats. Dog people are some of the most genuine people out there. That alone makes it all worth it to me.”

The treats run about $7 for 32-37 biscuits.

They’re fun. Healthy. And made with love in Tonawanda!  Guess what – Cheryl and Bambi’s Barkery will be at the Totally Buffalo Festival on May 27th! 



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    We have been buying Bambi’s Barnett treats since they first started. There are no other treats out there our dogs love more than Cheryl’s!

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    My dog levi is probably one of the pickest eaters when it comes to treats. I have wasted so much money buying him stuff that he just won’t eat but when I bring him bambis bakery treats he eats a couple and barks for more. It’s also a treat I can give and not worry about I’ll effects from recalls. Thank you Cheryl for caring about my dog just as much as I do. You have a customer for life. Thank you.

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