Great-Great-Grandmother (Mrs. Claus) reminds all of us to NEVER give up on our dreams.

March 17, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

My heart is so full.

I’m so happy that Rosaria Cronwell got to finish off her bucket list today. She checked the final item off after a beautiful sleigh ride.This is so special – because the 93-year old has dedicated her life to her family and her community.

When I first heard about Rosaria a few months ago, I knew that I had to help her get her wish. The folks at Senior Wishes were onboard – and it all FINALLY fell into place. Thanks to Mother Nature. Or Old Man Winter. Or both.

Rosaria has been playing Mrs. Claus for years – she’s as sweet as the wife of Santa must be. I received a card from her a few weeks back. A thank you for sharing her story. It was a long, handwritten note that most of us don’t bother with anymore. Although, we try. I try. What Rosaria may not know – considering she’s not on Facebook – is that she had an entire community rallying behind her. She had perfect, lovely, strangers sharing her story, hoping and praying for snow!

So, finally the day came. And the smile on her face – is priceless. I couldn’t be there to see it, but the wonderful folks at Senior Wishes sent me some pictures. As did Rosaria’s friend, Debi – who was my partner in crime during this whole process. (Read original story)

Now, this Great-Great Grandmother, Rosaria, who has 5 children, 16 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild has checked many things off of her bucket list. A trip to Vegas, a cruise, a huge 90th birthday bash. Check. Check. Check. Now, Sleigh ride – CHECK!!

Thank you to everyone at Senior Wishes and the folks at Kelkenberg Farms for making Rosaria’s dream come true!

For more information on Senior Wishes and the wonderful work they do, just click HERE. 

This is a great reminder for all of us to never give up on our dreams. Never. It’s what we teach our children, but often forget ourselves.



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    Rosaria’s daughter. One of two in Florida. We were all set to make the trip up for this momentous occasion , but the forecast did not look favorable so opted to wait the week out and go from there. Thank you for helping to fulfill her bucket list.

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    Looking forward to the sleigh ride with Grandma on Friday !! Mary, Thank you again for the story and to Senior Wishes for helping Grandma Ro (Mrs. Clause) fulfill her bucket list!!! Maybe we will see you there!!

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    You go Grandma RoRo… you my sponsor!!

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    So happy you got your wish grandma!!! God Bless you!!! xoxoxoxo ~ Cheryl

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    What a absolutely wonderful time checking off Rose’s last item on her bucket list. To see her up on that sled at 93 years old with the biggest smile was a wonderful moment. So glad I could be a part of it and thank you to Mary Friona and Wendy from Senior Wishes . And to the biggest part of this wish the beautiful sleigh at Kelkenberg Farms in Clearance Center.


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