Construction Companies building something different; a blanket drive for sick kids!

February 23, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Update on this amazing project:

The WarmUpWNY drive collected 8,000+ blankets for Oishei Children’s Hospital – one for each child that passes through the hospital’s doors this year.


If you build it, they will come.

And by build it, we mean start a great drive to collect new blankets for sick kids at Oishei Children’s Hospital.

This is actually pretty cool. We love collaborations – and this is a heck of a good one. Several local construction companies have teamed up to support Warm up WNY, a drive launched by Senator Tim Kennedy to collect those blankets.

Arc Building Partners, Allied Mechanical, D.V. Brown and Associates, Ferguson Electric Construction, Frey Electric Construction, J.W. Danforth, and Mader Construction have joined forces to help push the drive toward its goal of gathering 8,000 blankets.

Yes, 8,000! And they’ve got a challenge.

The companies are encouraging other local contractors that are active in the Western New York construction industry to get involved and donate new blankets to provide comfort to children during unexpected hospital stays.

“Being rushed to the hospital to fight an illness is a scary experience, especially for children. Simple things that help recreate the comforts of home, like a warm blanket, can make a world of difference,” said Frank L. Ciminelli II, president of Arc Building Partners. “Through our personal experience, my family and I learned that blankets not only provide warmth and comfort, but also –and most importantly – alleviate children’s anxiety and eases the stress of a hospital stay.”

The Warm Up WNY drive, which encourages the use of the hashtag #WarmUpWNY on social media, has helped spark increased awareness of the need for new blankets for children at OCH.

All of the blanket supplies at OCH are donated by the community as well as local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Each year, including this one, supplies begin to run low, and the community’s support is once again needed to replenish the stock.

“As contractors, we get the opportunity to work on some important projects for our community, but there may be no project more important than making sure every child has a warm blanket when they’re in the hospital,” said Kent Frey, CEO of Frey Electric Construction. “We appreciate Frank and the team at Arc Building Partners rallying everyone together to help.”
Blankets must be new, due to the threat of infectious disease. Many of the children at OCH are dealing with weakened immune systems, so used blankets cannot be accepted since they could be carrying potentially harmful germs.
While this coalition of construction industry leaders is specifically focused on encouraging local contractors and businesses to get involved, the community can still drop off blankets at OCH or Senator Kennedy’s office until March 8, 2018.



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