Fundraising Gala hopes to be life-changing for those living with Cerebral Palsy

October 30, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Sherry Walier – who is a co-founder of the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP says this event is extremely important, “It’s important to have this event so we can spread Cerebral Palsy (CP) awareness and the Symptom Recovery Model SRM)Therapy to new audiences. CP is known as the forgotten disability affecting 17 million people.   It’s also
important to raise well needed funding so we can begin to improve the quality of life for those families affected by this lifelong disability.”

Lemon Twist Gala Ambassador, Emelia Calhoun

Funds raised from the event will go be utilized to bring advanced, cutting edge therapy treatment to WNY. The physical therapy treatment known as the Symptom Recovery Model – is a game changer. Sherry should know – her daughter Lauren received the treatment and changed her life, “We found this program six years ago when Lauren’s health was declining and she rapidly was losing functionality. This program changed Lauren’s life through the financial support of my husband and I (the foundation never has funded any therapy for Lauren). Six years ago, she was in a wheelchair due to extreme fatigue. As a result, her muscles became very week with atrophy. After she started SRM, Lauren went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a one crutch, to a one point cane and now doesn’t have an assistive device fulfilling her life’s dream to ballroom dance. A person with CP doesn’t make these physical gains from relying on a wheelchair to ballroom dancing. Due to these amazing results, our foundation wants to fund this therapy and make SRM wide spread for everyone to make amazing progress. ”

Like I said, life-changing.

And now they’re working hard to bring this therapy here to Western New  York to help others – like Lauren. They’ll help fund traditional WNY physical therapists in the Symptom Recovery Model which is a 2-year certification program.

As for Lauren, she’s doing very well.

Lauren Wallier and Mayo Alanen in the 2017 Michigan Dance Challenge, hosted by Mark Brock.

“Lauren is doing AMAZING!  She’s a freshmen at Rollins College which is 8 hours from home and rocking it!  She’s never been away from home and her father and I are so proud of how well she is adjusting with all the new challenges she being faced with.  Simple things most kids her age are probably the hardest ones for her but she is doing such an incredible job.
For the first time since middle school she has friends again.  She was home schooled prior to starting college so she could participate in SRM 3 days a week for 7 hours per day. Academically, she’s adjusting beautifully to being in a classroom setting working super hard and getting all A’s.”

Lauren is not only a fighter when it comes to her health, she fights for others – and basically always has. Sherry tells us how it started, “Lauren Walier was inspired at 12 years old after learning there was NO federal funding for CP research affecting 17 million people. She found this unacceptable which brought her clarity why nothing really had helped her as a child. She declared at 12 years old she wanted to be the voice for those with CP who don’t have their own.”

And she forged ahead big time, ” Lauren is the Founder of the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP, an inspirational speaker, ballroom dancer, a freshman at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, a role model and provides hope to others with CP.  Even with her disability she doesn’t allow CP to define her or stand in her way of accomplishing her dreams.  Lauren has so many dreams and many of them are coming true.  She wants to appear on the Ellen Show and Dancing with the Stars to bring awareness to her foundation so that it becomes so vast and contiguous that everyone wants to be a part of it to help others with CP.  She wants to be the first famous disable  ballroom dancer and one day either become an attorney or child psychologist.”

This is an amazing example of forging ahead and making a difference in the world. About surpassing expectations. Smashing barriers in the way. Living your best life.

For more information:

Link to the event for ticket info – 

WHEN: November 18, 2017

WHERE: Asbury Hall, Delaware Avenue, Buffalo


MORE ON SRM THERAPY: The basics of this advanced therapy not adapted in traditional therapy are ‘One on One’ intervention ratio, treats neurological and orthopedic deficits, ‘Global Start Up’ for connecting Mind Body, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System (which is greatly impacted with CP) such as mobilizing and maximizing the ‘Vestibular’ connection, opening and draining the body, moving into the precisely timed and sequenced ‘Multiple Component Cycle’ of treatment intervention while the unique single treatment component of MANUAL
STRUCTURAL CORRECTION (MSC), is a necessary component for making these optimal changes possible as well as mastering techniques for enhancing repair and regeneration physiology of a Symptom Recovery Program (SRP) for achieving optimal results and more immediate progress.  SRM uniquely targets the primary ‘Drivers’ of the body together producing functional changes well past traditional physical therapy outcomes offering greater and more immediate progress.  This program also treats the motility of nerves,
vessels, arteries, veins and organs besides muscles and can greatly improve the quality of lives for children in WNY.  It’s a total body approach addressing the root cause vs treating the specific muscle or injury. Benefits are individualized as CP is unique to every child.  A child who has CP may have several seizures daily and are taking strong medicines for
lowering the seizure activity, so that patient’s goal may be to become seizure free and discontinue meds.  More information:


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