Hamilton TOTALLY Lives Up to the Hype!! TOTALLY!

November 22, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Wow. I knew Hamilton was going to be amazing, but I have to admit, I totally underestimated this show. This was the most fast-paced, non-stop, unbelievable performance I have ever seen. The cast didn’t stop singing and dancing the entire time! Literally.

It’s not just any show, it’s a work that’s incredibly cool and undeniably one of the great musicals of all time. It’s easy to see why Hamilton tickets were so hot on Broadway.

Austin Scott, who plays Hamilton, was simply amazing. His nemesis, Aaron Burr, played by Alexander Ferguson, brought the house down.

Hamilton is the story of one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, who became George Washington’s right-hand man. Hamilton went from immigrant orphan to an integral part of our nation’s history. The show documents Hamilton’s life during the Revolutionary War and his time as the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary. The story covers Hamilton’s personal and public lives, as military strategist, master writer and publisher, philandering husband, and founder of our nation’s monetary system. It is the ultimate history lesson. In a time where teaching can be a challenge, this show is a modern, easy-to-understand way to explain a very, very complicated story.

It reminded me of those Schoolhouse Rock songs that helped me learn about bills and laws as a kid. Hamilton, of course, takes things up to the highest level, but has the same impact as an amazing lesson.

Things get real when Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson start rapping about the national debt and states’ rights, and you just know this hip-hop musical is one for the record books. The show features music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, that blends hip-hop, jazz, rap, R&B, and classic Broadway. Hamilton is the story of our founding fathers and all of their baggage, their infighting and their friendships.

Washington, Jefferson and Madison were hilarious, serious and their body language was spot-on.

It is also the love story of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton. Hannah Cruz, who plays Eliza Hamilton, has a wonderful voice and plays the role with intense emotion that has you rooting for her the entire time. Her sister, Angelica Schuyler, played by Stephanie Umoh, was a stand-out with a powerful and booming voice. They’re both a reminder of the women, who played key roles, even if they were behind-the-scenes.

The stars were phenomenal, but I have to say, the ensemble cast makes the show what it is. They drive the narrative, keep things moving and are in every single scene.

I was blown away.

I learned. I laughed. I cheered. And I cried. This emotional, moving, non-stop history lesson is a must-see and absolutely bucket-list worthy.

Total Run Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes.

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