Local woman is making a difference by embracing it

March 15, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

It is our responsibility, as parents, to teach our children to treat everyone the same, to show them that our differences make us special. Unfortunately, that is not always how life works.

Robyn Zimmer wants to change that. She designed a special symbol as a visual reminder that we should all embrace the differences of others. It is a beautiful idea that has become beautiful jewelry,”The Embrace The Difference symbol, of interconnecting circles connected by a square is a visually powerful reminder to be kind and accepting for everyone is fighting their own battle.” And Robyn says it’s something she knows all too much about.

The symbol represents Robyn’s son, Sam who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was a boy, “Each day was a challenge. He was bullied and had no friends his own age. But, it was because of all of the kind, compassionate people that accepted Sam for who he was, and accepted his differences that made him into the great person he is today.” Sam is 27 now, and Robyn says, he’s remarkable. Kind. Compassionate. Funny.

Robyn explains her design like this, “The square is the difference but an integral part of the whole circle. The symbol is a reflection of the way Sam grew up to be such a kind, compassionate, loving and happy person.”

The message is as beautiful as the jewelry, “I believe everyone deserves to be treated with acceptance and kindness no matter what difference and that is why I am so passionate about spreading this message through Embrace The Difference Jewelry and Giftware.”

You can buy the jewelry at Reeds Jenss or online at embracethedifference.com. They have a line of $30 bracelets which comes with a $10 donation card, and the sterling silver jewelry ranges in price from $95 to $195 and comes with a $30 donation card. The donation cards can be redeemed online to the charity of choice. Your choice. How cool is that? There are more than 100 national and local charities to choose from, each benefiting the Buffalo community in some way.

For Robyn, being able to make a difference by reminding all of us that character counts – is a blessing, “I am thrilled to be able to give back to the community in some small way. Every quarter when I write out the checks to the charities I feel grateful that so many people are helping to spread this very important message and give back to the many amazing charities in our community. Everyone who purchases a piece of Embrace The Difference is giving back to the community and sharing the message: Be kind, and accepting no matter what difference, and give back!”




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    this is a wonderful idea–buying moderately priced, beautiful jewelry, and contributing to charities—Robyn is indeed a creative thinker.

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    Robyn and Sam are to be commended. This is a wonderful organization that gives back in so many ways. Thank you for featuring them!

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    Embrace the Difference is as moving as it is lovely. Thank you Robyn.


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