Mardi Paws event to honor man who adopted dog who was at the shelter for nearly 500 days!

January 29, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Every great story starts with kindness and we just love this.

The folks at Niagara SPCA are getting ready for a fundraiser next month. It’s called Mardi Paws and they’re planning something pretty special.

This year Ray Kinz of Ransomville will be honored with the first-ever “Bonita Award” for his selfless adoption of Bonita, a 5-year-old pit bull mix who was at the shelter for nearly 500 days.

Bonita lived at the shelter for nearly a year and a half. Just imagine that for a moment. She was passed over time and again – until one day – things changed for Bonita. Ray Kinz walked into the shelter and asked which dog had been there the longest. He was then introduced to Bonita and it was love at first sight – it was a match made in Heaven!

“I am honored to receive the award, but really it goes to Bonita,” said Kinz. “She patiently waited for me for 500 days and is an amazing dog. I had no idea when I adopted her so much attention would be created. But I’m extremely happy that it did and millions of people saw just how amazing it is to give an older dog a chance. They see how happy both of us are and hopefully it encourages people to adopt the older pups. The Niagara SPCA took care of her for so long and did an outstanding job. It has been pure joy helping them spread the word about older dogs available for adoption. Bonita has thousands of fans around the world and we will both continue to help the shelter in any way we can.”

The fundraiser will be held at The Sheraton in Niagara Falls on Feb. 25th from 5:30-8:30. Tickets include cocktails, Cajun food, basket raffles, a wine ring toss and more. You can find tickets at 

For more information on SPCA Niagara – visit their website at



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