Memorial Day Run Honoring Special Operations Soldiers Killed in Action –

May 3, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

This Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2019, Project 33 Memorial Foundation will be kicking off the second annual Project 33 Memorial Day Run at the Town of Hamburg Beach. The Memorial Day run is a community event hosted to raise awareness of Special Forces soldiers killed in action. There is only one rule Project 33 enforces – the flag represents the fallen so no runner will pass the flag.

Participants are encouraged to come dressed in patriotic gear as they run 6.8 miles to the finish line at Hamburg Brewing Company where the third annual Buffalo Blues Veterans Benefit will be taking place. Everyone is invited to gather there to celebrate and enjoy the live music, food and drinks, a gift card wall, raffles and more.

“We founded the Project 33 Memorial Foundation to honor the humble warriors who do not seek recognition of their sacrifices. Our mission is to continue their legacy and make sure the American people know the true magnitude of their service,” said Project 33 co-founder Samantha Gomolka. “We encourage anyone interested in our mission to support our cause by joining us on Memorial Day. The Project 33 Memorial Day Run isn’t a race, there’s no clock or time keeping – it is simply a community run to raise awareness. And if you aren’t a runner, we need supporters and friendly faces to line the run route and cheer us on!”

Samantha Gomolka and her husband Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2) Michael J. Gomolka founded Project 33 Memorial Foundation to honor the memories of the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces killed in action since 9/11. Each year, the foundation selects one soldier to honor by sharing their story in the weeks leading up to the event and donates the event funds to the Special Operations community.

“I have served in the Special Operations community for over 19 years. The honorees we select each year are more than just names, they were cherished friends and comrades,” says Project 33 co-founder CW2 Michael Gomolka. “It is a privilege to honor the memory of these men and women with the support of our community.”

In addition to the annual Memorial Day Run, Project 33 Memorial Foundation hosts other events throughout the year to benefit organizations who help veterans across the nation. To register for the Project 33 Memorial Day Run, visit


About Project 33 Memorial Foundation

Project 33 is a not-for-profit organization that was founded to preserve the memories of U.S. Special Operations soldiers killed in action since September 11, 2001. These humble warriors do not seek recognition of their sacrifices, therefore, Project 33 feels compelled to continue their legacy and ensure the American people know the true magnitude of their service. For more information about Project 33 Memorial Foundation, visit


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