Only in Buffalo can a streaker become such a symbol of unity – and we couldn’t love it more.

November 15, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

You might know him as the Buffalo Bills Streaker guy.

Yep, that guy. The one who ran across New Era Field – totally naked. Nude. It gives a new meaning to the term – In the Buff!

He’s more than a streaker – he’s a person. His name is Tristan Lambright and he’s responsible for something pretty cool.

Well, maybe two things.

First of all – he made us forget how badly the Bills played – and got played – on Sunday! He also brought us together – as a community of givers – to help those in need.

Paul Roorda designed a shirt – which became a call to action for many Buffalovers.

Tristan told me he totally supports the idea of the shirt raising money for The Buffalo City Mission. It seems appropriate, doesn’t it?!  Turning something like this  – into something bigger.

It’s totally Buffalo.

Roorda’s not shocked. He got orders right away from people wanting to make a difference. Sure, the shirt is pretty cool – but, the mission is much cooler.

$5 from every T-Shirt and Hoodie sold will be used to buy Winter Clothing Items for the homeless right here in Buffalo! They will be donating the money to the Buffalo City Mission.

Mens and Ladies Long Sleeve Tees and Unisex Hoodies available.

Park Avenue Imprints will have the shirts.








There’s more to this guy that meets the eye. I messaged back and forth with him for a while – and although he couldn’t really comment due to his legal issues – I can tell you – he is so incredibly nice. And sweet.


Tristan plays Roller Derby for Toronto Outrage. His derby name is Senor Wiener – true story!

We think – what happened, or why – doesn’t matter so much anymore.

What matters is what happened next – when a community came together to rally behind Tristan and a cause like supporting The Buffalo City Mission.

A fundraiser is being held for Lambright.

The fundraiser- “A Pants Off Dance Off”-  will be held November 25 – starting at 8 p.m. at Expo Market, 617 Main St.

The money will help pay for legal expenses for Tristan.

Portions of the proceeds will be going to Crisis Services and the Hope Project- two issues near and dear to Lambright’s heart. Lambright lost his aunt to suicide, and has been in and out of homelessness.

Items of clothing will also be collected for the Hope Project.

So, as much as that few minutes on Sunday may have been a bit of a joke – there’s no joke in the people of Buffalo and WNY coming together. It’s what we do.

Good luck, Tristan!



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    A symbols of Unity…’re kidding right?

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    Go Tristan!!! About time we started Standing Up and Showing Some Balls!!! We’re Behind You Tristan!!!

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