Rolly Pollies has a new location – this one in North Buffalo!

July 13, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Written by Deanna Russo for Totally Buffalo 

Ninja Warrior courses… tumbling…climbing…jumping…zipping…swinging…Action Art  (WOW!  It’s tiring just listing all that fun!) …the activities that Western New York kids can enjoy at Rolly Pollies is never ending!  Now all that fun is coming to a BRAND NEW LOCATION for families in North Buffalo and Kenmore!

Rolly Pollies is best known to families as a gym that combines fitness, creativity, music and fun in an environment that isn’t bogged down with competing for the top prize.  There are plenty of activities and programs for KIDS OF ALL AGES – from babies as young as 4 months to school to 12 year-old adventure-seekers.  With a climbing wall, trampoline, bounce house, zip line, swinging rope and more – Rolly Pollies develops their programs in an effort to really maximize your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.

Now owners  Jim and Danielle Fleckenstien, parents who started the franchise 12 years ago, are excited to bring that atmosphere to a THIRD gym at 1669 Hertel Avenue – between Starin and Parkside – in North Buffalo.  The gym opened for business on July 24th and has been receiving raving reviews ever since!!

The couple posted adorable pictures of their three children – one at each of their three locations.

Danielle says they are ecstatic to bring all the fun to their newest location because it really is a homecoming for their family.  “It’s our community. This is where we live, in the North Buffalo, Kenmore area. We know so many wonderful families in the area and we feel as if it’s the perfect fit.”

Welcome to the neighborhood Rolly Pollies!  Can’t wait to check out the newest gym!



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