Talk about Brotherly love – this is heartbreaking and inspiring

February 10, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Family is always there for family. That’s what we all like to think. And hope.

The Cirrito family proves it to be true. Theirs is a story about love of family. Strength to do what’s necessary. And courage to fight.

The family – with six boys – lost their dad – their only caretaker – a few months ago. The youngest siblings -Santino just 12 and 13-year-old, Niko – needed to be cared for. So, their 20-year old twin brothers, Anthony and Angelo – who they are very close with – fought for custody. And won.

Think about that for a second.

Two 20-year-olds – caring for their younger brothers. Fighting for them – so they wouldn’t be split up and sent to live in two different homes.

They are 20. Not even old enough to have a beer. 20.

Their older brother, Charles – who is also helping to care for the boys, told me it’s a team effort and they are all doing as well as can be expected, “Put it this way, they have a lot on their plate. I’m very proud of them.”

Just look at this picture. Those boys are 20 years old (on the left and third from left). They’re so young. Caring for the other boys still in middle school. It is amazing. That is an act of true love.

Santino and Niko are typical boys – they love hockey, video games, and fishing. They also love their brothers. Immensely. Charles is amazed at their strength, “The boys are so sweet. They are where they want to be. They have such good hearts.”

The thing is, it’s not easy. Raising children is tough. Raising children when you’re barely an adult – is even tougher. Charles says they’re all doing what they can to pitch in, “There’s a lot more costs to raising kids than I ever thought.”

Their dad, Charles – passed away in July. “We are left with just under $5000 worth of funeral bills. We would like to get a head stone for our father and we hope to do that. A gofundme was set up and maybe we can do that.” Charles admits there are challenges, but says they’re making it work, “Right now we are just doing what we can to survive.”

The four boys live in West Seneca – their two older brothers live close-by. So far, the community has stepped in, which is no surprise, “I’m floored. Completely floored. I was not expecting this. I am in tears. It couldn’t help a better group of boys. They are amazing.”

You can help the Cirrito brothers.  Here are two ways to help the family. 

Cirrito Brothers gofundme page

BENEFIT: A fundraiser will be held on Friday, February 24th at the Rusty Buffalo, 270 Center Road, West Seneca.

(There will be a bracelet for pizza and 3 hours of drinking for $25, as well as a raffle for baskets and a 50/50.)


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    These gentlemen inspired me from the moment they said they were going to take care of their brothers. I have enjoyed watching their progress and helping the boys through the little things. And I have watched them grow leaps and bounds I never doubted their success!!!! I have completely enjoyed watching them grow as a family and work through the issues that would arise during this difficult transition. These gentlemen have held their heads high and proven to be amazing adults at the age of 20. The responsibility and commitment they have shown proves love will conquer and family values ARE the most important. With guidance and support these gentlemen will surely show the world something special. A short message to the boys I will always be here to listen and understand and most importantly never judge. It makes me very proud to know you as a family unit .

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    What time does the fundraiser @ Rusty Buffalo for the Cirrito Brothers start?

  3. Mary Friona

    6:30 p.m.

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    niko likes lasagna

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