Towels in the Buff – how one local business wants to wrap us all in Buffalove!

August 30, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Spreading Buffalove sure is an awful lot of fun.

It’s also become a way of life for so many people who are embracing the Queen City’s Comeback! People like Jill Ungaro who – just over a year ago – started a wonderful business of creating beautiful Buffalo-themed items, “We always try to support local and in all my shopping trips, I never really saw any Buffalo themed towels and blankets. That made me start talking to some friends, who are local to Buffalo, artists and printers. Everyone was very excited to start a new adventure and Towels in the Buff was born.”

It’s a small business dream-come-true, “I love being from Buffalo and love watching the city grow. Everyone involved with Towels in the Buff has a lot of Buffalo pride,” Jill said, “My business partner, Tracy Poole and I love to show our Buffalo pride by wearing Buffalo apparel and displaying Buffalo decorations in our homes.”


Buffalo pride. Buffalo joy.  But as Jill tells us – this is much more than some towels, “We have Buffalo and Niagara Falls themed items. Our items include blankets, beach towels, golf towels, hand towels, tees, tanks and hoodies. We have just started to get into embroidery for our towels, which we are very excited about!! As our business grows, we will continue to add more items.”

The designs are original and so creative. As is usually the case, it takes a crew, “Most of our friends have as much Buffalo pride as we do, so not only do we talk to our friends about what they would love to see; we also love to talk to our customers for their ideas.” They also collaborate with other groups, artists, and friends. From golf towels to blankets – they’ve got us covered.

Because celebrating the place we call home is truly an honor. For the folks at Towels in the Buff, it’s also a great way to spread the love, “Our whole team loves this! We love Buffalo and are so proud of all of the amazing changes happening in Buffalo. The city has become so much fun! As the city continues to grow and change, it just makes owning Towels in the Buff more fun!”

This is so amazing – Towels in the Buff is now going to start embroidering their designs on their towels – I have embroidered towels that my husband and I got for a wedding gift ten years ago and we love them – time to get a set of embroidered Buffalove towels to add to our collection!!!

And as we learned from our inaugural Totally Buffalo Festival, the artisans who make and sell these products – like the folks at Towels in the Buff, are the salt of the earth.  “Meeting new people has been fun. We love to hear stories about why people love Buffalo and how our products fit into why we love Buffalo. We also love to talk to people who are from out of town and why they come back to visit Buffalo. It’s exciting to know that there is such deep Buffalo pride all around the US.”

To check out their products or place an order – head over to   You can also find them at many local festivals and fairs – they will be at the Totally Buffalo 716MAS Festival, too!

They are waiting to wrap you up in Buffalove!!!


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