Russ Salvatore does it again – he just keeps giving and giving! #TrueBuffalove

August 7, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

His generosity amazes me. Russell Salvatore has been giving and giving and giving to Buffalo and WNY causes for decades. Today, he donated TEN vans to the Veterans Administration to help disabled veterans.

Mr. Salvatore called it a very special and important day in his life. He said in a message on Facebook that helping out in the community still, after all these years, “gives him goosebumps.”

The philanthropist has done so much for our community and is the epitome of Buffalove.

Way to go, Mr. Salvatore!

(Thank you to DJ Dave Jickster for the feature photo)



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    I would like to include that Kevin Elis began this endeavor writing letters and making 100’s of phone calls – spending his own time and money with no reimbursement – all because he sat at Veteran’s hospital waiting for meds because he is permanently disabled – and watched fellow veterans wait hours for transportation. I would love for others to hear his story too.

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