A local tree service goes out on a limb to save Mr. Cat – who was stuck in a huge tree for TWO DAYS!

May 3, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Let’s give it up for the folks at Barden Tree Service!  They answered a call for help and ended up saving Mr. Cat!

Here’s the story.

Mr. Cat or Monsieur Keetan as he’s known – is quite the pet, “I never thought I could be a cat guy but he def is an amazing pet,” Sam Zito said in a text message to Totally Buffalo, “We wanted to let him out so he could do some exploring a few days ago because he seemed really cooped up in the house. So two days ago we let him out and he never came back. Yesterday my kids were worried so they went out looking for him. And they heard him meowing. Dude was literally up the tallest tree in our neighborhood in the backyard, too.”

So, they tried calling him, got a ladder from a neighbor but it was way too short, they tried shaking treats, the whole neighborhood was outside calling him.  Mr. Cat didn’t budge. They called the Buffalo Fire Department, but they couldn’t help because the tree was in the backyard. They suggested a tree service.

Sam kept trying, “I called people last night and this morning. I left messages and got nothing. Then I found these guys. He answered the phone and I said, “Are you ready for a funny one?” He laughed and said, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Sam told him the situation, “He said he had to go to Youngstown to give a quote but he would be there right after. Sure enough an hour later they showed up and rescued Mr. Cat because he said he had a soft spot for animals.”

In a matter of minutes, Mr. Cat was safe and sound with two new friends!

Sam says it was a true blue heroic rescue, “Both of my kids cried when they got home from school. They are true heroes man. Without them, Mr. Cat would still be up in that tree.”

As if that’s not enough – get this – The folks at Barden Tree Service didn’t even charge Sam for their time or effort. How great is that!!??

Way to go Barden!!! We will keep you in mind for any tree service work we need!!! 🙂



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