Alden Schools Support Amazing TJ – Young boy fighting terminal cancer

March 29, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

The Alden School district continues to support Thomas Ackley, Jr

Ten-year-old TJ was in remission before a relapse just a few months ago. Now, he’s fighting for his life – and doing so with courage and grace! He is battling terminal cancer.



No doubt, TJ is very much loved. He has an amazing support system, that seems to include all of Western New York and beyond!

Today, it was the kids, teachers, and staff at Alden Intermediate who took the time to show their support for their friend. They held an assembly and then had a balloon release.

Kerry Miller, TJ’s mom told me in a text, “It is so hard to believe how many people want to support TJ strong. It’s awesome. I’m still crying.”

In a post on Facebook she wrote,  “We cannot thank our school family enough you will never know how much all you love and support means to our family!!! We also want to thank our Alden community and family for all of your love and support!!! TJ has a lot of people in all corners of the world showing their love and support!! You will never know how much you have a touched our hearts!!! We love each and everyone of you!!! TJ strong”

The students sent blue balloons into the sky – to show the love they have for TJ as he continues to fight. You can watch the video below.

Each blue balloon, a reminder of TJSTRONG!!!

The Principal telling the kids how proud he is saying in part, “We are all family.”

It is certainly heartwarming to see such support for this special little boy and his entire family.  Way to go, Alden!!!

We are all praying for the tough little man!

Please continue to help this incredible family financially if you can. Here is a link to a fundraising page.

If you would like to send him a card or gift here is the address:

Thomas Ackley JR

12885 Broadway St Apt 7

Alden, NY 14004



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