Amsdell Ice Cream is Totally The Best according to our readers! So what makes them so SUPER?

April 5, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

So, that’s that. More than 4,000 folks have voted and Amsdell Ice Cream Eatery is the winner of our first ever – Totally The Best contest. The truth is, this contest really impressed us. Our readers are very passionate about their favorites. Perhaps it’s because we are so appreciative of our community, so loyal to our area, so impressed with local small businesses. Perhaps a little bit of each.


Honestly, our top three winners are all amazing and so much more than an ice cream parlor. They’re good citizens, caring neighbors, and as small business owners, they’re a part of the backbone of WNY!

So, what’s the scoop with Amsdell Ice Cream Eatery? Here’s what we found out from shop owners, Michael and JoAnn Mohler and their daughters, Amanda and Ashley Mohler.

For starters, they’re all incredibly impressed with how loyal their customers are, “During the last week, we would see customers out in public saying, “voted for you today.” It’s amazing to see so many people from Hamburg and surrounding areas come together for the love of ice cream!”

When asked what makes their shop so special, the owners had a few thoughts, “We love to think our shop is special! But, we’re biased. Not only do we carry over 40 Perry’s Ice Cream Flavors, we also have soft serve custard, dole whip, special and fun sundaes, floats, smoothies, milkshakes and novelties.”

The folks at Amsdell care about everyone in their community – including those who have food allergies. Their Facebook page was recently shared to the Greater Buffalo Allergy Alliance Facebook Page which was a pretty big deal and led to new customers from all over Western New York heading to Amsdell for nut, dairy, vegan, lactose, and egg free options.



The Mohler’s say it’s important, “As an ice cream shop, we recognize that not everyone is able to enjoy ice cream in the same ways. With that being said, we carry many options and take precautionary measures to ensure all are able to enjoy safe, and enjoyable ice cream!”

Amsdell has indoor and outdoor seating, because, well this is Buffalo!

“Another reason we find our ice cream shop so special is because of the community we live in. We wouldn’t be where we are without our customers! They truly are the best! We love taking their ideas, and turning them into ice cream creations! We love seeing so many familiar faces and NEW faces each day. Our favorite thing to hear from someone new coming in is that they heard about us through their friends, and couldn’t wait to try us out.”

Yep. It’s a give and take for this mom and pop shop!



“We definitely like to help and support our community! Like we said, Hamburg is such a close-knit community, and we love giving back! We support a few special organizations over the summer while they host their 5K’s. We love doing this! It is a way to get out of the shop, and support the community! We also are constantly at the local schools scooping for their events. Our hard workers love doing this because they are able to go back to their elementary/middle schools and see familiar faces! Plus, the kids LOVE it!”



The family run business also appreciates the tight knit community of Hamburg and are always supporting other small businesses, “We find it so important to give back to the community where we live because that’s how it should be! We carry all local products at the shop, and are constantly supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. April is such an amazing month for those carrying Perry’s Ice Cream! Not only are they celebrating their 100 year anniversary, but they are continuously giving back!”



During the month of April, Perry’s Ice Cream donates a portion of the proceeds accumulated from Super Hero Ice Cream to Oishei’s Children’s Hospital of Buffalo! And there’s more to this super month of April special, “Every purchase we make of Super Hero Ice Cream (which is A LOT! Kids LOVE it!), gives back as well! Also, during the month of April if a kid comes in wearing a super hero costume, they will receive a free cone of Super Hero! Kids LOVE it, and so do we!”

So put your kids in their super hero costumes and head over to Amsdell Ice Cream Eatery at 3041 Amsdell Road, Hamburg. They’ll get a free cone, you’ll help kids at Oishei Children’s hospital – and have a great time.


Amsell has making a difference in the community for five years! Congratulations to Totally The Best Ice Cream Shop in WNY! To us, they are Totally Buffalo!!!


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    They deserve every great comment about them, great family and great service. They go above and beyond to make people happy. Keep up the fantastic work guys, we love you.

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    Congrats to Amsdell ice creamery and the Mohler family! I drive from Lackawanna to Hamburg just to get their specialty ice creams ( flight of ice cream…genius!) And enjoy chatting with them!

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    Congratulations Joanne, Mike, Amanda and Ash!! So happy for you all!

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    Thank YOU!

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    Thanks KERI! We love having you!

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    Thank YOU!

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    We enjoyed our first visit recently to Amsdell Ice Cream and tried lots of different flavours, they were all so delicious, we can’t wait to try more on our next visit! Thank you Mike, JoAnn, Amanda and Ashley for your hospitality, and congratulations on your well deserved win!


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