What a team; Local couple team up with local grocery giant at the start of Bills season!

August 29, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

We’ve told you about this fun family game designed, created and loved by a local couple. Mike and Jean Wolf have put their heart and soul into this game and it seems to be paying off!

First-N-Ten is a true labor of love as we reported a few months ago. (ORIGINAL STORY HERE)

It is the perfect team; First-N-Ten is the hot new backyard game created by a couple from North Tonawanda & it is now for sale at all Buffalo area Wegmans Food Market locations.

“We are very excited and couldn’t ask for a better partner than Wegmans. We know their customers will love the game,” said Mike Wolf, creator of First-N-Ten.

It is a perfect fit because it is the very place that First-N-Ten was dreamed up. While picking up some groceries at Wegmans, the football display caught Mike Wolf’s attention. The uprights gave him an idea for a fun new game. He went home, and got to work with his wife, Jean and created First-N-Ten!

“He went to get some groceries & came home with this idea,” Jean laughingly recalls, “He was telling me all about it & I had ask, “Mike, where are the groceries?”

First-N-Ten is a fun backyard game that is perfect for tailgating! It is built from quality products, is easy to set up and travels anywhere in its little bag. The fun never ends with First-N-Ten.

“We’ve worked hard on this and are so pleased that so many Western New Yorkers are having fun, bonding with their family, and turning off the television to play First-N-Ten,” said Mike

It’s a mix of Ladder Ball, Cornhole and Kan-jam! It’s a fun and competitive game. And it is PERFECT for tailgating. One fan we can tell you about – is Hall of Fame Running Back, Thurman Thomas!

For starters, it is very well built. Like, we’re not talking cheap plastic – the piping is top notch. It’s also SUPER easy to put together. Like five minutes.  It comes with two goal posts, and 6 rings. (plus the accessories to put it all together)

The idea is quite simple. 2 people to a team. One stands at each end. If you even touch the posts with the ring, you get one point. Put it through the uprights and you get three points. Ring it and get five! Game goes to 21.

You can put the two ends a bit closer together when the little ones are playing!

Best of all, it was created by a Buffalo couple! Mike and Jean Wolf created and designed it.

Now Wegmans is getting behind the couple and the game. They are selling First-N-Ten at all 10 locations in the Buffalo area!!!



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