Bills Superfan, Pancho Billa – On Fighting Cancer & The Incredible Support He’s Received From Around the World!

July 24, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

You might not know who Ezra Castro is – but if you’re a Bills fan you know his alter ego, Pancho Billa!  The Bills super-fan has quite a following of folks who love his sombrero and intense love of all things Buffalo. Now, those folks are rallying around Castro as he fights cancer.

Castro lives in Texas but has a special place in his heart for the Queen City and he truly appreciates all of the support,

“The support has been such a blessing. Me & my family appreciate so much.” Castro told me in an interview for Totally Buffalo, “I’ve been told I’m an honorary Buffalonian. Made my heart drop. Buffalo has proven time after time its truth that it is a city of Brotherly love.”

Castro has chemotherapy treatments every two weeks. He tells me he’s already informed his doctor that the NFL season is starting soon and reminded him that his favorite hobby is to travel to see the Bills play.

Castro has been a Bills fan since 1986-87 , “I was about 6-7 years old when I chose the Bills over the Pats. The colors and logo got me.I love the charging Buffalo. I promised my Dad to follow them win or lose, and man-o-man were we all tested in the super bowl runs. Then the drought of playoffs. But hey, we’ve lived through it and still continue to support the team.”

And the team continues to support him.

Right now, Castro is on chemo treatment number 12 – which seems fitting considering his love for #12 himself, Jim Kelly, who is fighting his own battle with cancer.


Ezra is receiving love and support from across the globe – from Zambia, South Africa –


To Buffalo and beyond. Love and support from legends.


He’s the biggest Bills fan out there, but of course he is so much more. Castro is a great friend, a brother, a father of two beautiful children and a loving boyfriend.


He’s so much more than the guy in the sombrero – he is the President of the Dallas Fort Worth Chapter of the Buffalo Bills Backers. He is an ultimate Bills fan in Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA). He supports campaigns like Fans Against Child Abuse, Fans Against Violence, NFL and MLB Go Gold for Kids Cancer. In other words, he’s the guy with the huge heart.


Castro, who has been diagnosed with Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of Biliary-Pancreatic cancer, has undergone chemotherapy and radiation. Including the round he received the day before supporting the Buffalo Bills at the draft. The day before!

Castro says he’s inspired by the way fans put rivalries aside and show support like this. He says it’s proof that life and friendships are more important than the game, “The NFL community & other fans bases have also been such great support. I get messages daily from people I don’t know just giving words of encouragement and inspiration. Even some rival Pats/Dolphins and Jets fans have reached out.”

I say Castro is the inspiration. He loves a team, a city, and its people – who, in turn, love him back!  Sending big prayers your way, Pancho Billa!

Castro tweeted a message for his fans – “Chemo #12 (#KellyTough) today! Huge announcement: If all goes well, Ill be at BILLS TRAINING CAMP this Thur/Fri. My 1st Camp ever! #BillsMafia & great support system around the NFL/WORLD, pray pray pray. THANK YOU, MY FAMILY THANKS YOU. MUCH BUFFALOVE!”

We can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!

If you would like to help Ezra and his family, here is a link to their Gofundme Page –


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