Buffalo Firefighters buy remaining product at Ko’s Kettle Corn in Broadway Market to help the small business! What they did next is AMAZING!

April 3, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Talk about heroes helping heroes!


This is easily one of my favorite stories of the day – for a few reasons.

First of all – I know many Buffalo firefighters and they are so kind and caring – as well as brave. I also know the folks at Ko’s Kettle Corn and they are such wonderful people (and the kettle corn is AMAZING).



Ko’s Kettle Corn opened up their brand new stand at Buffalo’s Broadway Market just a few weeks ago. The timing obviously could not have been worse. Like many small businesses – right now – their struggle is real. As real as it gets.

But on Thursday – Ko’s got a surprise from the firefighters at Buffalo’s Rescue Company 1.

Here’s what happened according to our friend, Kody Omphalius who owns Ko’s Kettle Corn.

“Well the driver of the Rescue called my mom this morning and told her that he and his crew planned to stop by and buy any and all the corn we had ready to take to hospitals near by. He didn’t say which hospitals. They made it there about 10 am and bought $184 in kettle corn. I gave them a bit of a discount because of how large the order was so it came to about $150 in total.”

You may be thinking – oh – that’s nice but it’s not that big of a deal. Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise. I asked Kody what the gesture meant to him.

“What does it mean to me? Stability, comfort, inspiration. Another week of groceries and money for insulin. Comfort knowing that my mom and I will be able to run the business one week longer. These guys are on the front lines of this virus. Some of them will, and already have gotten sick from this. Still they’re doing things like buying out small businesses to show support to others working on the front lines in our community. As I was writing this to you I just got a call that they want another order for Saturday! That’s another week of stability, even more comfort and enough inspiration for me to remember for a lifetime.”

Kody’s words brought me to tears.



That is how real this is. Small businesses like Kody’s and many others are in survival mode and with everything going on – these amazing firefighters took the time to help – that is just so awe-inspiring.

So – what did they do with all of the snacks?  They could have easily taken them back to the firehouse and chowed down  – but instead they delivered them to medical staff at Buffalo General Hospital and Oishei Children’s Hospital. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!


I told you this was one of the best stories of the day! Check out Ko’s on FACEBOOK – they have curbside pick up available. Kody’s mom is Pearl who owns We R Nuts. Check them out on FACEBOOK too. Wonderful people with amazing snacks –  both offering curbside pickup at the Broadway Market!!!! This was supposed to be their busy time of the year. This was supposed to be the time of year that would help them get through the rest of the year! You can find their products together ONLINE HERE. We love you Pearl and Cody!!!



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