Will You Help Us Celebrate Baby Carson’s First Birthday – As He Continues To Battle Brain Cancer?

February 1, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

I can’t stop looking at pictures of this baby boy.

Carson Barnhart is ADORABLE. His smile is contagious. His spirit, infectious. He is beautiful. And tough. He has to be … he’s fighting cancer.  Carson was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 5 months old. It was a congenital glioblastoma, which is extremely rare in infants. So rare – there are about 20 diagnosed each year in the U.S.

But like I said, Carson is tough. In fact, his entire family is. After all, they’re all fighting it with him.

Kelly Barnhart summed up her baby’s treatment since diagnosed last July:


“After Carson’s surgery in July, he had 5 rounds of chemo that consisted of inpatient and outpatient treatment, which ended in Dec. He has MRIs every 2 months, which have all been clear so far.  We just started cycle 6 two weeks ago, which is just outpatient. We’ll be at Roswell once a week for 4 weeks for outpatient chemo, followed by two rest weeks.”

The plan right now is to continue this treatment for 6 months with an MRI every two months.

According to Kelly, those MRIs will continue for years to come. There is about a 50/50 chance the tumor will return in the first year.

Kelly is amazed and inspired by her little baby boy. “I try to focus on what a champ he is, how inspiring and strong he is, and how he amazes me every day. I will continue to do that, but wanted to let everyone know where we are with his treatment. All the love and prayers continuously sent our way truly make a difference. Thank you, as always, for following his journey and for celebrating with us as he continues to kick butt.”

Carson is turning ONE this month! It’s a milestone birthday indeed!  We want to help this family celebrate their baby boy. In speaking with Kelly – and I had to really pull this out of her because she doesn’t want to ask for anything – there are some things she needs for Carson!

We’ve put together an Amazon Wish List for some gifts their family could really use right now.

Carson turns ONE on February 21st and we plan to deliver all of the gifts to the family!  We can’t wait.

We started our 501c3 Charity to help people celebrate all of the holidays throughout the year – including birthdays. Totally Buffalo’s Hope for the Holidays has selected Carson’s birthday as our second mission. If you would like to help – here is a LINK TO OUR WISH LIST!  There are many items on the list – and also $10 Amazon gift cards – we will use the gift cards to buy any unpurchased items.

We are so fortunate to live in such a kind and caring community. Thank you in advance for helping this family to celebrate their amazing little baby boy! The Barnhart’s have two older children, too!  Send them some prayers – if you have a moment or two.

You can follow along with Carson’s journey on his Facebook Page, Carson Strong. 

We are #CarsonStrong


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