Cerebral Palsy DOES. NOT. STOP. THIS. GIRL. Wow.

April 11, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

You want to talk about an amazing young lady? Cause I do.

Her name is Kelsie Skinner. She’s 19-years-old and goes to Kenmore East High School. She’s in the special ed program there because she has Cerebral Palsy. Her mom, Allison Peacock says that has never stopped her daughter. Ever.

Kelsie and mom, Allison

One thing that makes Kelsie particularly happy – is music. After all, music does soothe the soul. Allison says her daughter find joy in it, “She loves to listen to music and every day you will hear her belting out, singing and dancing in her bedroom.”

Like, she really loves music, “She has even sang at a local Open Mic session. Bruno Mars is one of her favorite singers.” Allison adds, there’s one song Kelsie loves most, “Her favorite song is ‘Just the Way You Are’. She says that Bruno inspires and reminds her that she doesn’t need to be anyone else but herself when she hears that song.”

And regardless of just how tough things get, this teenager takes it all in stride, “Kelsie is the sweetest soul and has a light about her. She has a smile that brightens up any room. Her positive attitude and love for life is so inspiring and contagious.”

Back to that Bruno Mars stuff for a sec.

Kelsie turned 19 just last week. Her mom surprised her with… Oh, I won’t ruin the surprise. Take a minute and watch this video.




Check that out – more than 154,000 views. That’s amazing.

And the support has been strong and steady. Allison says she’d love for Kelsie to meet Bruno Mars – so anyone out there with any pull – maybe you can pull a string or two! Either way, Allison and Kelsie are so happy with all of the love, “We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and thoughtfulness of the many people that have seen and shared Kelsie’s surprise birthday video. But I wouldn’t expect any less from the wonderful people in our Western New York area.”

Neither would we, ladies. Neither would we!


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