Devastating Update: Our Friend Bella Has Relapsed – PRAYERS NEEDED!

August 18, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

We have been following Bella’s story for some time now and we are absolutely heartbroken to share this update.

Bella has relapsed. Her mom, Jamie posted on Facebook:

“Isabella Update:

It is leukemia? Bella is officially relapsed for a third time. The mass will be radiated and she will have a spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy next week to check those areas for any leukemia.
Please pray that this relapse is isolated to Bella’s skin, and that she is back in remission quickly.?❤️”

Bella is a strong, brave and beautiful little girl who has been fighting like a warrior! Jamie followed up with another post that shows how amazing this mom and family are:

“Thank you, everyone, for your continued prayers for our Isabella. Despite having to face another battle with her leukemia, there is a calm in knowing what the lump is and that there are treatment options that will, God willing, finally rid her body completely and permanently of the leukemia, and let her live a normal, healthy life.❤️
Please continue to pray for our Isabella, for the leukemia to be isolated to the lump in her skin, and to return to remission quickly and completely.?❤️?”

Please join us in praying for Bella and her family as they once again fight this beast – called cancer.


Our stories regarding Bella have gone back and forth as you can see below.



UPDATE: After a relapse and more treatment, the latest update is filled with hope. It has been a LONG journey but here is the latest from Isabella’s parents:

“Isabella’s bone marrow is 100% Peyton’s cells!

Praise God!!??

She had another good check up at Roswell today as well. Her hemoglobin is 11.9, platelets 46,000, and her immunity level is 1270. Bella’s blood chemistry looks great. Her eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) remain elevated, but the doctors are not concerned because everything else looks good. Next week they are going to do a special blood test to make sure that all of the different types of white blood cells in her blood are Peyton’s cells as well. Since her bone marrow is 100% Peyton, and all the rest of her cells in her blood are also Peyton’s, it is expected that all of her white blood cells will also be Peyton’s. Which is exactly what we want!
And, after next week’s appointment, she will be reduced to check-ups every 2 weeks!?
Please continue to pray for our Isabella to be cured with the Car T cell immunotherapy treatment.❤️?”

Having two sisters and four daughters – I know the remarkable bond that sisters have. It really is a special relationship.

A Lake View girl is taking it all up a notch by donating her bone marrow to her little sister in what is an amazing gesture that will forever bond the beautiful siblings.

It’s a story of family. Of love. And of hope.

Isabella Phelan is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for the second time.

She was diagnosed on April 23, 2016 and went into remission two years later. Sadly, her leukemia relapsed into her spinal fluid and bone marrow. Bella needed a bone marrow transplant to fight the disease. That’s where her big sister came in.


Thankfully, Bella’s sister, Peyton is a perfect 10/10 bone marrow match. The transplant took place Thursday afternoon at Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Their family and the entire community are praying for both girls and marveling over the incredible gift of life 11-year-old Peyton is giving her sibling. She’s 11. It’s amazing.

Jamie Phelan tells me her girls are amazing and she couldn’t be more proud, “Amazed is an understatement. I am so honored that God blessed me to be the mother of these 2 incredible, brave, beautiful, and strong little girls. My heart is just overflowing with love, faith, joy, and hope!”

We agree Jamie – your girls are incredible, brave, beautiful and strong – I guess the apple doesn’t fall far…

Please pray for Bella, Peyton and their family as they all have a very long road ahead.

For more information on bone marrow donation please visit


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    This family is amazing and I am glad I got to be there friend as my son is fighting t-cell leaukumia and will have a bone marrow transplant next month. We love you bella.

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    This family is amazing and I am glad I got to be there friend as my son is fighting t-cell leaukumia and will have a bone marrow transplant next month. We love you bella.

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    God bless you all

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    God bless you all

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