Family hangs masks on bus stops and light poles in Niagara Falls for those who might need them. 

April 16, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

This is wonderful to see.

If you’re driving on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls – you might notice bags hanging on light poles and bus stops. The bags are filled with face masks.

The masks, of all different colors and designs, are there to take for free – with a simple message, “Please take if you need one.” The little note goes on to say how to care for the masks – and then just says, “Sending thoughts of good health and strength your way. Love, the Webber Family.”

How kind and incredible.

The pictures were posted on Facebook:

“Do you need a mask? Over 50 masks are hung on bus stops and light poles on Pine Ave, between Portage Road and Hyde Park Blvd. Please share with anyone who may be in need. Sending strength and thoughts of good health your way.”

They’ve also included a chocolate bar.

It’s gestures like this that help all of us get through this scary time. Thank you Webber Family!!!!





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