Firefighters Respectfully Salvage, Remove and Fold Flag On Fire-Ravaged Home

February 15, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

Anyone who follows us regularly knows how much we love and appreciate our firefighters. They truly are our heroes! That’s why when our good friend, Tiger Schmittendorf, tagged us in his post – we couldn’t wait to share it with our readers!

This is what Tiger wrote,

“I was at this fire in Lake View yesterday as part of the Evans Center Volunteer Fire Company FAST team when these firefighters (L-R: Bobby Trank-Woodlawn; Daniel Schnorr-Lake View; Mark Flack-Lake Shore and Michael Lewis-Lake View) took the time to respectfully salvage, remove and fold the flag hanging on the front porch of this fire-ravaged residence; and return it to the homeowner.

One of my definitions of brotherhood: “It doesn’t matter that we wear different patches on our left sleeve. What’s important is that we wear the same patch on our right sleeve: the red, white and blue one – the one with the stars and stripes on it.

It’s that patch that brought us together and it’s this patch that will keep us together. The fire service is what’s right about America, and no one can ever take that away from us.”

We could not agree more.

PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Wiktorowski-Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department. What an amazing moment caught on camera.

Another reason to appreciate these amazing and brave firefighters!




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