Fundraising Page Set Up To Help Wife & Daughter After Husband’s Sudden Death

November 14, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

When I saw this post, my heart just broke. I can’t imagine what Heather is going through, but I am sure that feeling the prayers and support from the community will help her and her baby daughter, Olivia.

I will share the call to action post from Facebook – in its entirety.


“I have the MOST cheerful woman as a client. Heather Kerr came into my life as a speech teacher for some of my littles. I have had the privilege of watching Heather and her husband, Christopher, battle her inability to have a child, go through the challenges of IVF, and love on the beautiful little miracle baby who has stolen my heart, all the while becoming very close friends to me. I now have the privilege of providing care for Olivia in my home.

This morning, Heather and her 17 month old daughter went in to wake up Daddy. But he didn’t wake up. We do not know what took Christopher from them in the early hours this morning, but today their lives are changed forever.

While crying with Heather, I asked if she were ok financially for this nightmare, and she sobbed that she is not. Christopher was a talented chef who stepped out, with his wife’s support, on a food truck endeavor, HowieRolls. It was successful at first, spreading his wings to the McKinley Mall. As things go, the business quickly began losing money and could not cover originating costs. After struggling to make ends meet, Christopher made the tough, brave decision to let it go and began working at Chefs to meet his family’s needs. They have a tremendous amount of debt because of this.

Heather is unexpectedly left as the sole parent to Olivia, sole supporter, home owner, with residual debt from her husband’s endeavor. They also recently became the legal guardians of Christopher’s adult sister.

When I asked what I could say about Chris on this campaign to give them some inkling of hope and stability, she relayed back to me, “Please let everyone know how much Christopher loved Olivia- his mini me.” This man’s face lit up each and every time we talked about Olivia. ♥

Please consider donating at this time for this family in desperate need. Christopher did not have life insurance at his young age. Heather is faced with a mountain of decisions and debt.

My prayer is that each of you who donate are in turn blessed beyond measure as you reach out to this little family.”

If you would like to help Heather and Olivia Kerr here is a link to the fundraising page. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Heather and her beautiful baby girl.



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