Hamburg Woman opens her home to those in need this Thanksgiving

November 21, 2017

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

It’s not the first time she’s done it.

And it’s likely not the last.  But, it’s something Suzanne Sokolowski thinks is important to do.

She’s invited anyone who needs a place to go on Thanksgiving – to her home.

I know, pretty amazing!

This is what she said in a Facebook post,

“Does everyone have a place to go for thanksgiving? I don’t have a big glamorous house and I’m definitely not a great chef! However, I can promise you a warm meal and some conversation:) please private message me if interested? Anyone in need of anything for a dinner at home or I can bring you a plate?! Please let me know and we can help. I don’t want anyone to be alone or without a meal on thanksgiving. Please like this status to keep it on top for everyone to see. I don’t want anyone to miss out on a dinner.”

So, I saw the post and had to ask her why she feels it’s important to do this. Suzanne told me she’s not doing it for any pat on the back, just to be a good neighbor.

The thought of someone being alone or lonely on a holiday is hard to take.  She offered the invite last year and will next year. Suzanne hopes others will be inspired to open their doors, too.

Her Facebook post was filled with nice comments from people impressed with Suzanne’s kindness.

If you need a place to go, you can find Suzanne on Facebook.


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