Injured Marine is overwhelmed with greetings and cards from WNY students.

October 29, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

When Corporal Jacob McMahon was injured during a training accident a few months ago (READ STORY HERE) his parents didn’t know what to expect.

His injuries were severe. Terrible burns on his face and hands. Turns out, his recovery is simply astonishing. We will have much more on that soon – but, right now – we just had to share this outpouring of support Jake has seen while recovering at his Grand Island home.


Hundreds of cards. Get well cards.  Thank you cards. We love America cards. We’re sorry cards. And not just any cards – homemade cards – the best kind.  Each one made with love and kindness. Each one a testament of the love and support that Western New Yorkers – big and small – always seem to offer.




The cards – from students, teachers, and principals at several Grand Island schools – were a special delivery for Jake – hand delivered by kind, caring people. Not because they needed to – but because they wanted to. So many wanted to say thank you to the 21-year-old Marine. So many wanted to show they care. So many wanted to help this young man recover, to let him know he wasn’t alone – he had an entire community behind him every step of the way.

One student wrote, “Have confidence! Believe!”  Turns out, Corporal Jake McMahon – took that advice to heart. He did believe he was going to get better – and he did. He’s surpassed all expectations and well, that’s really not surprising. This is a great young man from an amazing family. They’re strong and some of the most patriotic people I’ve met.

During the entire time – from the moment of that accident, through the painful treatments in the hospital, to this recovery – Jake has never complained. Never said, “Why me.?” Never questioned his decision to join the Marines; to serve his Country. Never. Not once.



He’s home, surrounded by an amazing support system. And now, by these amazing cards. Each one made with tender, love and care. Each one special.


Each one unique. Each one meaningful.


This very creative picture is Jake’s favorite.

When you think about what this means – it’s really quite remarkable. The kids didn’t just throw something together – they took their time, writing and drawing from their heart. It’s so special.

So, Jake – like the cards say – Thank you for your service and please get well soon!


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