Local Dog Rescue Group helping dogs impacted by Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Pixie Mamas Rescue has been around since 2008. Their mission is simple – they rescue and re-home abandoned, stray and neglected dogs!

They are helping dogs impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

But, helping dogs from Texas is nothing new for this group. “We have been working with rescue groups in Texas for quite some time trying to help with their dog population,” A spokesperson for the group told me via email, “We take a special interest in their unwanted street dogs although we will help shelters etc. if asked. Living in NY it is shocking for us to see how these dogs live day to day by rivers, at gas stations behind shopping centers. Whole families (packs) of them. They are dirty, scared and hungry. Some are sick or injured. Most are not spayed or neutered and are therefore reproducing their entire lives adding to the already overpopulated streets.”

And all of those animals who essentially live on the streets, will have nowhere to go. The flooding is just too much for them, “We know the people are safe but we are heartbroken to think a lot of the street dogs that we have been trying to save are not and we want to help the ones we can.”

We’ve seen the images of people helping people and it is amazing. The animals need help, too. If you are willing to adopt a puppy like this sweet girl, she is waiting for you now.

Or this sweetie.

Or these guys.

The rescue groups in Houston and other cities impacted by flooding, are taking the dogs off the streets, putting them in foster homes, getting them much needed vet care and then transporting the dogs here to Pixie Mamas Rescue Group, “These dogs would have no chance in Texas of ever being adopted and the wonderful people in Buffalo seem to love them. We have a great relationship with them and have become close to a few of the groups. We are also asking for people to consider adopting. Adoptions will free up our foster homes, which will allow us to take the medically clear fosters that are currently waiting in Texas. Our next transport is tentatively scheduled for 9/11/17.”

They are also in desperate need of supplies! Items can be dropped off at any Oogie Games LLC location! Items will be delivered mid September!

Dog/Cat Food
Flea Medicine
Kennels/Crates – any size
Cat Litter
Puppy Pads
Dog Beds

For more information on how you can help, visit Pixie Mamas Rescue Group on Facebook. 



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