Local mom in need of life-saving liver transplant

March 10, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

The Dembek-Licata-Zortman family is on a mission.  A life-saving mission to get a life-saving liver transplant. Maybe YOU can help? By being a donor – or by sharing their story in hopes to finding that perfect donor.

Here is the Facebook post with the information posted by Natalie Katherine.


“July 25, 2015. One of my happiest days is tainted by a sad memory. My beautiful mom and I went to see my favorite band, The Rolling Stones. As we sat and waited for the concert to start, I noticed her eyes looked slightly yellow. The same eyes that have looked at me reassuringly when I’m anxious, the same ones that teared up because I made her laugh too hard, the same ones that cried with me during our saddest days, now seemed to reveal an underlying threat to my mom’s unbreakable shield of strength.

My mom would never say this about herself, but she is a remarkable person. For decades she has put the needs of others ahead of her own. She has taken care of a child with a disability, sick parents, sick pets, nieces and nephews, even complete strangers… but now, she needs the same compassion she has shown others.

After the concert, my mom started going to the doctor’s and having bloodwork. We found out she has an autoimmune disease called PBC. There is no medicine or treatment that can fully cure it. My sister Jessica, my brother Matt and I have been dealing with the reality that our mom, who we saw as invincible, needs a liver transplant. It pains me even more to know that I am not the same blood type; therefore, I cannot be her live donor. My mom has always been able to fix things for me. Now it’s my turn. I won’t stop advocating for my mom. If there’s one thing she has taught me, it’s to never ever give up on the ones you love ❤️

Our family knows firsthand how organ donation can save a life. We were blessed when Jessica received her kidney transplant over 5 years ago. Never in a million years did we expect to go through a second organ transplantation in our family. Please share this post and help spread the word. You never know what generosity someone may have in their heart.

Blood Type: O+
To be tested, contact Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. Their number is (585) 275-5875. Ask for Patty or Dr. Mark Levstik.

My number: (716) 425-1243

With gratitude,
The Dembek-Licata-Zortman family”


For more on what it means to be a living liver donor CLICK HERE.


If you can help – please reach out to the family or hospital. Sharing this story will help, too!  We are sending our prayers out to the Dembek-Licata-Zortman family.






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