Local teacher is raising money to help give all students a wonderful prom experience

February 16, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Mary Cimato has a true passion for helping others – especially her students. This year, she hopes to give each one a wonderful prom experience – but, there’s a catch! Here’s what Mary posted on a Gofundme Page.


“Hi! My name is Mary Cimato, and I’m a Special Education Teacher at the Math, Science, and Technology School @ Seneca in Buffalo, NY. Some of you know me, and you know my love and passion for the kids in my school. Well, here I am again, asking for your help to make an amazing school experience for my babies.

As the senior class adviser this year, I’m learning all that comes with prom, dances, and graduation. Some of these kids work to help support their households, their own kids, or for the ability to eat. The kids are having a difficult time coming up with money for any non-essentials. I want these kids to have some of the same high school experiences that I’ve had, and I want them to know people care about how they’re doing, their well being, and their achievements.

I started this campaign with the goal in mind of student sponsorships or donations. Any kids who achieve academic growth from week 5 to week 10 of the marking period are going to have a reward of a free pizza lunch provided by Macy’s Place Pizzeria, as well as a free haircut or style provided by Fade in Full Barbershop and Upscale Beauty. Students who achieve academic growth and earn honor or merit roll marks will receive their senior dues, prom ticket, and hair cuts or styles for prom as a reward for their academic achievement.

I love these kids, I want them to have the most amazing prom experience, feel proud about the way they look, and the grades they achieved. I am asking you to help with sending our juniors and seniors to prom looking their best, feeling their best, and achieving more than they ever had because they have something to work towards. We are asking for donations in any amount to help us achieve our goal. Thank you!”


If you would like to help HERE IS A LINK TO HER GOFUNDME. 



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