Local woman writes book after treatment at Roswell Park – shares story through humor.

July 18, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Jennifer Pawlowski likes to look at the humor in things. Even when there doesn’t seem to be anything that’s funny – she’ll find something. Recently, tumors found on her reproductive system meant she would need a complete hysterectomy just about two years ago – at just 37-years old.

What did she decide to do? Write. And write. First a blog, then she just started to write and couldn’t stop. She wrote herself a book,  “And the words just kept flowing out. It was like I couldn’t stop. Then I did something I never saw myself doing cause I am a shy person. I decided to publish it. It was very scary because now everyone can see what I wrote. But then after I posted on my Facebook status the link to it, I got a couple of messages saying how “brave” I was.”

Brave to share such a difficult story. Still recovering, Jennifer says she has her ups and downs, “I still have nerve pain (tons of nerves were cut) and it’s like a dull toothache that doesn’t go away. Plus those hot flashes!!! I am on medicine for that (no hormones due to the tumor being a sister to cancer). It takes away about 90% of them but there are ones that escape.” She says knowing that her book – which is now an ebook – might help others, is a real blessing, “I had to get my word out there that women are not alone. We all deal with the hysterectomy differently but if I show my side maybe it can help. Just helping one woman made my day and life. It’s a very scary thing to deal with especially in your childbearing years and don’t have a biological child.”

Jennifer has a great attitude and a great support system. Her family has helped her deal with each struggle – and her 8-year-old niece, Kaylie has brought joy and love, “I am a very positive person, so I always looked on the positive side. Don’t get me wrong there were days were I was scared and had doubt but I always looked at the positive side. My grandma Alice taught me that. Plus Dr. Peter Fredrick and his team at Roswell Park always made me feel comfortable. I never had a doubt he was the right doctor!”

Jennifer is choosing to look on the bright side, to be thankful, and to work to help others. She wrote her book to help herself – and published it to help others, “I want young women to know that they are not alone! Every hysterectomy is different. Every recovery is different. But if they see my book and know what I went through they can feel comforted to know they aren’t alone. I have included my email address in the book so they can chat with me if they need support or someone to talk to . I know there are great support sites out there but sometimes you need that one on one support. And I am here for that! I am a great listener and I can relate to them. Plus my book has some humor in it. I feel laughter is the best medicine. Cancer is no joke, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes you need to laugh a little to relieve stress.”

Here is a link to check out Jennifer’s book.  37 … Menopause … Wait … WHAT


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    Good recovery Jennifer! Your laugh will always be contagious!

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