Meet the Buffalovebirds! They’re SOOOO Cute.

May 5, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Beau and Lindsay Riggs are known by just one name – Buffalovebirds. Both born in Niagara County – they became Buffalo boomerangs. They moved away for college, but moved back to the area a few years later. They call Orchard Park home these days.

If you don’t follow them on Instagram – you pretty much have to. They offer great advice for keeping the romance alive, have cool give-aways, and more!  The couple-turned-trio have quite a following and we wanted to see what it was all about!

One thing is crystal clear when it comes to the Buffalovebirds – they LOVE Buffalo and WNY. Lindsay says this area is rich with everything, “We both are huge Buffalovers and love checking out new restaurants and shops, hitting up networking events, supporting local non-profits, going to festivals, concerts, and museums- and biking all around the city.”

One of the best ways to show Buffalove is by shouting it from the rooftops. Or from a blog. “So, back in 2012 – Beau came up with the idea, I was still living in Erie, PA and driving up to stay with him on the weekends,” Lindsay said, “This was the time Buffalo JUST started to boom and we were having a great time exploring and hitting up the new places. No one back home or outside the city believed what was going on with the renaissance, so we started to blog and (mainly) share our adventures on Instagram so people could see what was happening. Family and friends were blown away with everything that they saw! It was all about showing the non-believers what Buffalo was doing and how we were taking part in it. And the name is all Beau, too. We are in love with Buffalo and in love with each other. Cheesy? Yes”

A little cheesy. But a lot adorable!!  🙂

If you’re wondering where Buffalovebirds do dates, I was too, “The list could be very long! Each new spot we treat as a date night. If we had to narrow it down, our favorites are always Marble + Rye, Kuni’s, and Casa Azul. For something different we love grabbing food from Lloyd or Expo and finding a spot in Delaware Park or Tifft Nature Preserve to just be super low-key. Easy date!”


And now, baby makes three. Life has changed since sweet baby Chloe came along, “I think we are antsy more than anything. Once Chloe is a tad older, we will be able to bring her more places. We cannot wait to take her around the city and Elmwood!” Lindsay said,  “Our life is now our munchkin being priority number one…and making sure a burp cloth is nearby! We were ecstatic to start the next chapter as parents and figure out all of the ups and downs with it. As a team, everything just gets better and stronger each day.”

They blog about whatever comes to mind. Whatever their followers might like. For these Buffalovebirds, it’s about much more than just sharing their story,
“I think sharing our personal story and Buffalo’s. It creates a virtual time capsule that our kids and grand kids can read when they’re older. How cool is it that they can look back at our posts and pics to see what it was like ‘way back in 2017’?! And we never forget why we started- to show and encourage others about Buffalo’s excitement. When we hear from someone- colleagues and strangers- that they went somewhere because they saw us post about it…that right there is our favorite. It means we were able to inspire!”

There’s no doubt there are countless Buffalovebirds in Buffalo, these two love to share their story, and we love that!

And……. it is just me – or does Lindsay look an awful lot like Jessica Simpson? Just sayin…..


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