Niagara Falls Police Officer stops to play some hoops with a group of kids and we couldn’t love this more!

June 22, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Talk about some much needed good news.

In what seems like a world full of bad news – here’s something that really made us smile – a great game of pick up basketball!!

Ali Mayes has been a Niagara Falls Police Officer for just about four years. She loves her job and her city. This past weekend – she was on the road, driving the city, keeping things safe, when she came upon a game.

“I was driving and I planned on turning down the street.” Officer Mayes told me. “When I turned I saw the kids, and there was probably like 8 kids playing and adults watching them. I didn’t have anywhere to be at the moment and felt there was no better use of my time than to have a positive interaction and play with the kids!”

Officer Mayes joined in the fun. You can hear the kids cheer her on, too!!! It’s so great!

Ashley Murray thought it was so nice that she took out her phone and captured the moment.

“They’re great kids,” she told me, “Before the cop went to shoot hoops she told them they can be anything they wish to be.”

They sure can.

What a message coming from this police officer who just happened to be driving down 9th Street in the Falls one afternoon and decided to stop. That’s a message, too. She left an impression and hopefully some hope and joy. She was there for at least 20 minutes and even took some time to show the kids the siren and lights in her patrol car.

“When I left the one of the kiddos said, ‘Wow, I can’t believe a cop stopped and played with us.'”

I’ve known Ali for a very long time – and this is just how she is! Way to go, Officer Mayes!! 🙂


The best part of the video is when Officer Mayes makes the shot and the kids cheer her on!!


See the video here




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