Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling – more than just a business, a part of the community

February 8, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

For 44 years, the folks at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling have been keeping Western New Yorkers dry, warm – and cold – at exactly the right times!!!!

They’ve earned a reputation as not only a dependable business – but also a good corporate citizen.

They’re more than just another business. They are a part of the community.

In fact, their program, Roy’s Cares has donated to 44 charities over the years, including Roswell Park. The team at Roy’s took part in the Ride for Roswell last year, raising $5500 –  and they’ll will be sponsoring the event again this year.

The folks at Roy’s are always looking for ways to give back to the community, one person at a time, “We just gave away a furnace in December to someone who needed it- we called it the Joy of Roy’s giveaway.” Kayla Gurney, Marketing Director for Roy’s said, “Giving someone the gift of heat was an extremely rewarding experience and we expect to do it again next year.”

For now, they’re getting ready for the Home Show in March! They like events that take them into the community, allow them to answer questions, give advice, and meet Western New Yorkers, “Simply put- our community has built us. The team we have working here are members of the community and the owners are as well.” Yep – they live here. Work here. And they care about the community.

Because, the backbone of the community is small businesses – especially ones that give back, “Roy’s has grown just like everyone that lives in WNY. We like to give back to the community that has helped make us into one of the largest HVAC and plumbing companies in the area.”

Kayla says it’s a business plan that includes community service, “We want any customers or potential customers to know that even though we are large- we are people just like everyone else. We have compassion and empathy for people and we want to be there to celebrate life and help find a cure for cancer as well as be there for you when you have no heat or your faucet is leaking.”

Over the next few weeks, our friends at Roy’s will be giving us some great advice on saving money, keeping our family safe, and helping the environment.

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