School districts and others continue to support Sebastian and his Lego club!

March 10, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Sebastian Bradley has terminal brain cancer and has stopped all treatments. That didn’t stop the amazing little boy from trying to make a difference. And turns out, he’s doing just that and creating quite a legacy for himself.

He wanted to help keep sick kids busy – and since Legos have helped him to do that – he wanted to collect them for other sick kids. And wow, his efforts are certainly paying off.

On Friday night, there was a donation event held at Sebastian’s elementary school, Forest Elementary in Williamsville. The event collected Legos for Sebastian’s club and helped teach kids in the school and district what it means to give back.

And Forest Elementary is not alone in these efforts.

Staff at JCPennys at the Boulevard Mall held a bake sale and earned enough money to buy 17 Lego sets!



And the folks at Recovery Management Solutions generously donated $1000 in Legos to Sebastions LEGO club!!!




I’m so happy to say the East Aurora school district is holding a Lego drive!

The Middle and High School Honor Societies are holding a district-wide Lego fundraiser to support Sebastian’s Lego Club. Legos can be dropped off at any school in the district during school hours.

This little boy, with the big smile, has captured hearts all across Western New York. We are sending much love and many prayers to Sebastian and his entire family!

For more on how you can donate – visit Sebastian’s Lego Club’s Facebook Page. 

A fundraiser is also set for Sebastian and the Bradley family. It will be held at Buffalo Iron Works, 49 Illinois Street, Buffalo on March 26th from 4-8 p.m. More info HERE.


If you’re not familiar with Sebastian’s story – here’s more.

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Sebastian, battling terminal cancer, brings hundreds of Lego sets to sick kids



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