Shopper Finds A Ring in the Bottom of her Wegman’s Bag and Found a Pretty Strange Coincidence!

June 20, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Jackie Kraebel went grocery shopping, brought her items home and as she unpacked the bags – she found something she didn’t buy, “Get home and there’s a school ring in the bottom of one of my bags.” Jackie said in a Facebook post. Of course she did the right thing, “So I call Wegman’s and they said yes, that a cashier had lost it.”‘

We could leave it there, but there’s one more nugget to share, “So, after closer scrutiny, with my magnifying glass, since I’m old and can’t see, I find that she spells her full name exactly as I do, which is not a common spelling. What a coincidence! By the way, it’s spelled Jacquelyn, not Jacqueline.”

Crazy! What are the odds!

Jacquelyn brought the ring back to Jacquelyn on Wednesday! Now that is a good deed!

It’s nice to know there are good people in the world!! 🙂


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    My daughter is Jacquelyn too ‘great name for beautiful people !

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    My daughter is Jacquelyn too ‘great name for beautiful people !

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