Snuggled in Love – Volunteers looking for sick kids to make blankets for.

February 7, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

It’s something that Brandi Gioia has wanted to do for years now. Brandi and her husband have three boys, two of them have moderate to severe medical issues and special needs. She says she knows what those hospital stays or time in bed or on the couch can be like for the little ones.

So the Tonawanda mom figured soft, fleece blankets would be a great way to make the kids feel nice and cozy, and loved, “I started the group on January 20th 2018. At that time, I was really only expecting to make the blankets for a few kids who I knew were in the hospital, but as the next few days went on, I was starting to get more and more interest in it.”

Brandi says things took off right away, “Right now there are a few volunteers who help make blankets, and a few people who have donated to the group.”

Now, it’s blankets – with elephants.



Or Minnie Mouse.


Or whatever the child likes.

A heart blanket for Alexandria.


An owl blanket for Emily.



And a cars blanket for Bentley.


The blankets make those little ones feel a bit better. All snuggled up. “I started the group because I know what it is like to be that parent that has to hand my kids over to surgeons, doctors, etc and trust that they will be ok. I know the fear that many of these parents and children face.” Now, Brandi wants to make blankets for even more children.

A cat blanket for Mia.


Brandi is wrapping herself up in this project, “My hope would be to provide a customized fleece tie blanket to any child from birth to age 18 that is facing hospitalization, surgery or chronic health conditions.The hospitals get many donations of blankets, especially in the winter, but the difference is that these would be requested from the parents or family members with the child’s favorite colors, animals, etc.”

She’s hoping the community will help, “We started the group with a small budget, and have gotten a few donations, but the donations are mainly how the group is supported.”

So far in just a few weeks, they’ve provided close to 30 blankets to children. Each with a special tag – showing the blanket was made with love, just for them.

If you would like to help Snuggled in Love by volunteering your time, or by making a monetary donation, or if you know a child who could use a blanket, you can contact the group on their FACEBOOK PAGE.



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    I joined this group and have watched these very special blankets been made daily the Minnie Mouse one was made for my grand daughter Brynn whonwas born with Alpha 1 Anti Trypson its a gene mutation she will eventually need transplant she also has autism I can’t wait to pick up her blanket on Friday she’s going to Love it it just amazes me how total strangers can just reach out together sick kids and there families to let them know there are kind hearted special people out that there that do care.

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    Count me in! I am an active volunteer but I have time in the evenings to make these blankets and I always have coupons for JoAnn Fabrics. Please contact me when you have a child who needs a special blanket.

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    I just wanted to come on and say thank you so much. My daughter is Mia and she absolutely loved her blanket. Being stuck in the hospital and going through everything she did but the second I pulled the blanket out she had a huge smile and got excited. I can’t thank you enough for your big hearts.

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