Spirit Halloween helps patients at Women & Children’s Hospital

January 24, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

‘Spirit of Children’ – a program partnered with Spirit Halloween – presented a grant for $42,136 to the Child Life Department and patients at Women & Children’s Hospital.

The presentation wraps up a year of fundraising by the store which sells Halloween costumes and accessories.

This is a big deal for those sweet little patients. But, it gets even better.

Spirit of Children has raised over $219,000 for the Child Life Department over the years and as they get ready to make their huge move to the new Oishei Children’s Hospital – that money will make a huge difference – according to McKenzie Mattison, Manager of Volunteer and Family Services at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, “The support of the Spirit of Children has made it possible for Women & Children’s Hospital to create a new position in our Child Life Department that will be based on our new Family Resource floor. The position will focus on entertainment, community engagement and sibling support. In recognition of this support we would like to name this new position the Spirit of Children Child Life Specialist.”

Another Child Life Specialist to help those little patients. That is a big deal, guys.

I know this. First hand.

A few weeks ago, my sweet little Ella spent a few days in Women & Children’s Hospital. She was there for some testing – but is FINE. It was a long few days, though. It’s never any fun spending time a tiny room with a toddler.

I have no clue what we would have done if it wasn’t for the amazing Child Life Department. For starters, Ella had an entire play kitchen in her hospital room. She had plenty of other toys, too. They kept her busy. We also had access to the floor’s kitchen – which is supplied by the Child Life Department. We could get a drink or a snack – it’s a big deal. Believe me.

Of course, there are many children in the hospital and some have extended stays. They need to be encouraged. They need a sense of normalcy. They need help forgetting about their pain – if only for a few minutes at a time. Toys, coloring books, movies, video games – they’re small things that matter.

They Child Life Department is also responsible for special things – like dog therapy, birthday celebrations, special guests.

It is a big deal.



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