The 50 Yard Challenge – Amazing Grass-Roots Effort That Has Spread Across the County – Including Here in WNY!

July 31, 2019

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

This is just an amazing idea.

Have you heard about the 50-yard challenge? It was started by a Rodney Smith, Jr. from Huntsville, Alabama.  Smith started a company called Raising Men Lawn Care Service with a goal to help his community. The 50 yard challenge soon started – and it has nothing to do with football or any other sport. He’s talking about 50 lawns – cutting the grass for 50 people who need help. He’s talking about helping the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans! Folks – kids and adults – sign up and take the challenge and then work to help 50 people by cutting their lawn.

The initiative has spread across the country. According the the Lawn Care website – 5000 lawns have been cut! 445 kids have joined!

Including Nicolas from Niagara Falls!  Way to go, buddy!!!

Mia from Lockport!

Way to go, Mia!

People from all across the country!

If you would like more information – you can find it on their website HERE or on Smith’s Facebook Page HERE.

Rodney Smith, Jr. – what an amazing thing you’ve started!! I hope it continues to spread!

If you decide to do the 50 yard challenge – let us know!!!!


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