The Sweet Success of Chocolate!

January 19, 2022

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Mary Friona Celani

It’s a pretty sweet thing when your job includes doing something you actually love!

For Buffalonian, Danielle Richter, that’s the case with her booming business – Buffalo Biddy Bombs!!!



The tasty idea began in December of 2020. Yep, in the midst of the pandemic, like so many others, it was a pivot for Danielle and her business partner. It started with cocoa bombs for friends and things snow-balled pretty darn fast! Now, Danielle is running solo and has been working to get to that next level!



Well, she’s there – and then some!!!! So what the heck is Buffalo Biddy Bombs?






“Buffalo Bitty Bombs is a licensed online ‘all things chocolate’ business,” notes owner, Danielle Richter. “We create hot cocoa bombs, chocolate smash boxes, candy bombs, and chocolate dipped treats! We have monthly and holiday themed treats, but our favorite is when we get to customize orders for birthdays, weddings, bachelorettes and baby showers! In 2021, we broke into the buffalo wedding scene with our chocolate treat dessert tables, collaborating with other small bakery businesses, bringing many delicious displays for brides & grooms around WNY!”




Buffalo Biddy Bombs creations are almost too good to eat.






The fresh ingredients are mixed together for that perfect combo of salty & sweet, crunchy and sweet – or just sweet! The Buffalo-born owner, like most of us, has that Buffalo pride. “For me personally, it’s the people of Buffalo who have a certain collective quality that is unique to 716. A few dozen Buffalonians will get into an argument online about the best place for wings but tell us about a local charity that needs our help? You can guarantee we’re all coming
together to donate. Not a local charity? No problem. We’ll come together & donate to another towns children’s hospital or food bank because there’s some connection to our buffalo bills.
Maybe it’s the underrated nature of our city only being looked at as having too much snow and decade long sports droughts. The people here are eager to show others that there’s more to this town than what meets the media eye”



From celebrating our Bills to weddings and other big events – the creations are beautiful and delicious!


So what does the future hold for Buffalo Biddy Bombs?



“I have so much appreciation for Buffalo Bitty Bombs. It’s not only pushed me creatively, but has allowed me meet and get to know other small business owners around the 716. They may have started as acquaintances, but are now friends who I can message and bounce ideas off of, or collaborate on a project with, join tables at a local pop up or meet up and tailgate with at a buffalo bills game! The small business world in buffalo houses an incredibly wonderful group of people. In the future, I would love to expand Bitty into a place where these small business could network and sell their products but also work together and expand not only their businesses but their friendships.”


Now that sounds like a very sweet idea!!! We can’t wait to see it happen!

For more information on Buffalo Biddy Bombs and to order from them – visit their website at


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