The Uber Driver Who Surprised Passenger With New Dress & Gift Certificate Tells Us Why She Did It!

August 4, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

It’s an amazing story of kindness!  An Uber driver felt bad for a passenger she’d had and wanted to do something nice for her – she captured it on video and of course, it went viral.

Tens of thousands of views – folks watching it because we need feel-good stories. We need happy, positive and inspirational stories – especially with all of the tragedies happening.

Lamiyah Jabbar posted her video – along with this:

“So I gave this lady a Uber ride this morning and she needed to vent and told me her story and I couldn’t help but help in some way. So I called her job and asked what time she got off we surprised her at work. Be a blessing to someone when u can Made my day hopefully I made her day.”

She sure did. She made our day, too.

I reached out to Lamiyah – here’s a bit of our conversation:

Totally Buffalo: I just love your story!

Lamiyah: Thank you it’s all from the heart I live to see people do great and feel great so if I can contribute in any way I try too.

Totally Buffalo: What made you do such a nice thing for someone you didn’t even know?

Lamiyah: I have a lot of hard times myself but I’m blessed with amazing friends and I’m naturally a go getter so I dig my way out of hard times or my friends help me and not everyone has that same ambition or friends and something that seems so simple could mean so much to someone else, I do things like this often but with all the negativity around I said people need to see more positivity.

Totally Buffalo: Wow. Amazing.  Have you done something like this before?

Lamiyah: “Yes all the time a lady a few years ago missed her bus I was driving by and she looked really upset that the bus kept going so I asked her if she wanted a ride and she got in I took her to location where she told me she couldn’t be late for her appointment she had to take classes in order for the judge to give her her kids back and if she wouldn’t have made that bus she would have been late to the program and would have been kicked out of it.”

She’s only been driving Uber for a few months – we can’t wait to see what else she does!!


Watch the video below!


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