UPDATE on Terry Buchwald’s little boy.

September 15, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

UPDATE: For Terry Buchwald, his wife and family – the past few weeks have been incredibly difficult. Trying times.  Their 2-year old son needed surgery – Terry  shared his story and so many in Western New York sent prayers and positive thoughts. This morning – Terry sent me a message – asking me to share the news.

Here’s what he wrote.

“We first want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for our son Brooks and our family. Your prayers and positive words have truly lifted us during this difficult time. We received the results from all the tests and opinions today and our prayers have been answered!! Brooks had a cystic partially differentiated nephroblastoma, which in non medical terms is a basically very early staged Wilms tumor. This puts him in a different category which means he will not need chemotherapy!! It’s treated by removal (already done) and then he will need to be monitored starting every 3months for the first year and then once or twice a year until 5 years out. There is less than 1% chance of reoccurrence with this type of Wilms tumor. We truly appreciate all the positive thoughts, cards, well wishes and prayers for our family. God Bless! ?

We will continue to send the Buchwald family many prayers and positive vibes. The power of prayer is something amazing. 🙂


Terry Buchwald is well known and much loved for his music, including his Elvis tribute act.  He has been a part of the Western New York music scene for decades and has an amazing following.

Right now, he is asking those fans and everyone else in the community – and beyond – for prayers for his young son, Brooks.  The adorable 2-year-old had surgery to remove a mass from kidney.

According to Terry, the mass was found by their pediatrician during a routine checkup, “After 2 days of tests and scans, they found a mass in his left kidney.” Surgery was performed on Thursday. The entire mass was removed, along with several lymph nodes. They will be sent to pathology for further testing. Terry says his little boy is tough, “Brooks had a good night, was up for a little bit this morning and is back to sleeping peacefully. We are receiving amazing care at the hospital and their focus now is pain management as he heals. We are so appreciative of and humbled by the outpouring of prayers and support from everyone. We can’t begin to thank you enough or begin to explain how helpful they have been especially yesterday. The power of prayer is so great and we ask that you continue to pray for our little guy.”

Terry told me there’s just one thing his family needs right now, “At this time we are just asking for prayers. We will know more in about a week and I will keep you updated.”

Terry has been entertaining this community for a long time – using his musical talents to make others happy – that’s a very special thing to do.

Sending thoughts and prayers to sweet little Brooks and the entire Buchwald family. Please, keep them in your prayers as well. There is no doubt about the power of prayer and as a community, it’s something we can all do together.


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    We have been fans of Terry for many years and love to hear his music and love to dance along as he sings. We will certainly keep your son- Brook- and you and your wife in our thoughts and pray like crazy.
    Friends from St Catharines Ontario
    Jim & Barb Bonnar

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    I have enjoyed your shows very much for the past 5 or 6 years. When I’m up from Florida, I always get your schedule and try to make it to your shows. You have made so many people happy for such a long time. Your precious son, Brooks, will remain in my prayers and in all of my friends and family on and off of FB.

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    My prayers are going up for your son Brooks and your family !?????????? May God wrap his loving arms around each of you to recover from this stressful situation ! Terry you are an inspiration to many ! God Bless your family . Keep us posted please .

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    I will be happy to pray for your little man and all of your family. Thank you for all you do for the seniors in our community. God bless all of you!

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    Terry I am very glad I met you and you and your family are the greatest and I am going to light a candle for Brooks tomorrow when I go to church and have the priest pray for him too. God Bless you and Aubrey and also the girls. God Bless.

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    Lots of love and prayers for Brooks and your family.

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    Praying daily for your beautiful little boy! Also praying for your entire family as you go through this very trying time. May God wrap you all in his loving arms and give you the strength you need to triumph through this.

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    So sorry to hear Aubrey. Good thoughts and lots of prayers for Brooks!

    Jacqueline Graeff Oleksiak

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    Prayers for your son Brooks and your whole family

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    The entire Gateway Harbor committee hope for a quick recovery. Our prayers are with you.

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    Sending prayers to Brooks and the family.

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    Terry and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you?

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    Heavenly Father, please touch Brook, your precious child and make him entirely well. Give peace to his mom and Dad knowing you are the Blessed Controller of all things. In Jesus Name. amen.

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    Terry is a good man. He not only does a great Elvis show but he is very personable and kind to everybody that he meets. He also donates his time for the variety club telethon every year because it is such an important cause for our community. My thoughts and prayers are with his son and his family. I do believe the power of prayer can help. God can do many great things if you will only believe God Bless!!

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    Love and prayers for your sweet little boy.

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    not as a fan cause I never heard you but as a grandmother and mom I’m sending prayers to your son and too you and your family my the lord reached down and heal your son and take away the pain and help you thru this as we all know I lost my son no parent wants to see their child sick so I will keep praying for you all and for him to get better quickly God Bless

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    Praying Brooks will make a 100% recovery. My prayers are with all of you!!!! God bless

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    Praying for your son and family ?????????

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    Iv been a fan for many years ❤I just love him now I send my prayers and love to the BUCHWALD FAMILY

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    Thoughts and prayers sent for your little boy ?? God bless you all through this. Been a huge fan for years of you Terry. I grew up with my dad singing Elvis, and my dad passed 4 days before my 21st birthday ? Sending hugs your way. Xxxx

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    Sending ??? for your sweet little boy!

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you

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    Our prayers for your son as we ask God to bless him and your family. You have done so much for so many you deserve his grace and blessings

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    My senior mother is a big fan of Terry’s. She has been through sad times but seeing Terry preform makes her so happy! Praying for young Brooks & family, a speedy recovery & happiness always.

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    I am such a huge fan of yours Terry as we performed together at depew high schools alumni christmas concert like two years ago and I have been to each and mainly everyone of ur shows. I hope for a speedy recovery and ur son and ur family Will always be in my prayers. Remember Wildcats need to stick together!!????

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    Power of prayer is amazing ! I will lift this baby boy up in prayer , along with the family !

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    Praying that this is just a little detour in life that makes your whole family strong, better, more appreciative people. Hope you and your family can sit at the thanksgiving table and just be greatful everything turned out well. hanks for all you do for the community. Love watching you.Thoughts, prayers, best wishes.

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    I remember when my family saw u play for the residents at Clair Bridge assistant living where my mom was staying. When we went up to u after the show to meet u u were the nicest guy & told us how much u loved playing for the residents & their family. That was 1 of the best days I had with my mom. I wish u r son all the best with his surgery & hopefully the mass is negative. Our thoughts r with u guys. The hadley-ditillio family

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    God bless …. sending prayers

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    Many prayers for Brooks and to give strength to his Mom and Dad…

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    My prayers are with your family, the doctors & nurses, and especially your dear son, Brooks. ??????

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    Sending prayers to you and your family!

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    Prayers being sent to your little boy and your family. I have a daughter with special needs and know of the contributions you make to help the children in our community. God bless you all and peace and healing for Brooks!

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Buchwald family.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Brooks and your family! Had such good times at Jacobies and JT Wheatfields with sister-in-law Cathy and Cheryl on nights you performed and car shows. You, Brooks and wife are in my heart, thoughts and prayers! May God wrap his loving arms around Brooks and help him with pain from surgery and recover from this! God Bless your family! Prayers

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    Our prayers go out to Brooks and your family.Lets all pray that he gets well soon .May god bless him

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    Terry I’m so sorry for ur little boy he’s adorable. I diffently will light candles and pray for him Terry. I’ve know u for years that besutiful.little boy has beautiful.parents. I use to date Dick Carmen lol now engaged so u know who.I am. God Bless all my love and prayers. He’ll come out on top.

  38. Avatar

    Thank you Jacquie. We really appreciate it. ?

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    Prayers and Love for your little one & the family sent your way.

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    Prayer for your Little guy, may he make a complete Recovery!

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    Our heartfelt prayers are with your little guy And your family!!

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    When we lived in Jamestown,N.Y. we always went to see Terry and we certainly enjoyed his concerts. Now that we moved to N.C. I miss not seeing Terry and his tribute to Elvis concerts. He is the greatest. I certainly will pray for his little boy and will pray for him and his wife give them the engery to go on and keep the faith. God works mircles and so does prayers. God Bless you Terry and family.

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    God Bless your little boy! ❤❤❤

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    You have made so many folks happy… I work for Aspire and our Individual’s love you…many thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family..

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    Heavenly Father I pray you wrap your loving arms around Terry Buchwald’s family and give Brooks the comfort and his parents the peace of all the love we all wish for them in Jesus’s name. Terry has always given of himself, Lord help us give back to his Family, Amen

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    We have always enjoyed your concert.You do a great impression of Elvis.We are sending lots of prayers for you and your wife and son.Prayers are very powerful.God BLESS

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    Of course I will add your brave little guy to my prayers. I saw Terry twice at Wellsville, NY as he did his incredible Elvis show. God be with you and your family always.

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    My prayers are being sent for your beautiful little boy. May Brooks fully recover. My cousin Larry Kotowski was a neighbor of yours and I have been a fan for a long time.

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    Brooks and your Family are in our prayers. Hope all goes well for your little boy.

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    Praying for Brooks and your beautiful family. God Bless You. Take care and be strong Terry and Aubrey. St. Jude faithful servant and friend of Jesus pray for little Brooks. We’ll be praying too.

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    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

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    Brooks and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!

  53. Avatar

    Praying for good results for you and your Beautiful Family. You have a whole community praying for you!

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    Dear Terry and family, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I hope God gives you the strength to get through this and makes your beautiful little boy Brooks well again. I remember seeing him follow you around at Cheektowaga Town Park just a few weeks ago. He’s so adorable! Best wishes!

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    My prayers are with your precious son

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