You guys – there’s ANOTHER local sunflower field!! And this one is just as gorgeous and they’re SELLING the flowers!!

September 6, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

It was all the rage.

Thousands and thousands of folks flocked to The Sunflower Field of Sanborn over the past few weeks! They took pictures and basked in the glow of those gorgeous yellow flowers.

It was basically a must-do for families from all around WNY!

Those flowers are beginning to wilt – but for those show didn’t make it – do not fret… there’s another SUNFLOWER field. Just as beautiful.

This field, located in Lancaster, goes beyond just looking and picture taking. You can actually take sunflowers home with you!!

I know, I’m excited, too!

Once I posted my story about our trek to the sunflowers – I received an email from a reader – telling me about his family’s field.

The girls and I checked it out with our wonderful friends.  The sunflowers weren’t quite ready – only about one quarter of the flowers were in bloom –  but, that was last week.

They are ready now!!!

And these flowers are more than just beautiful. They are a symbol of the woman who planted to original seeds. Germaine Scofield was an avid gardener. Five years ago, as she fought cancer, she planted a few acres of sunflowers.

After those first flowers blossomed, cars would pull over and take pictures, wedding parties stopped by for photos, and many came without a camera – capturing the moment themselves.

Germaine loved it. She welcomed them with open arms.

Germaine Scofield passed away one year ago from the cancer she fought for more than 15 years. Her husband, Michael and their family were left with that field. Those beautiful sunflowers.  Their beauty – a reminder of the beauty radiated by Germaine her entire life.

This family has spent decades dedicated to helping children with special needs. Their son, Lukas Montanino says it was something that really mattered over time – and matters now, “Mom worked to integrate special needs kids into classes at Lancaster for 25 years and Dad has worked with hundreds of babies in WNY and their families as they start the journey of life with a disability.” Their efforts have helped children and families to live better lives.

Lukas says his mom’s legacy is incredible, “One of the last projects my Mom was a part of was to bring a Unified Basketball team to Lancaster. A league of area schools has now formed and they play games against each other weekly during the season.” Sadly, his mother passed away before she could see them play, but she was a huge part of the project – which is clear to all involved by the jerseys – complete with Germaine Scofield initials and that sunflower there, too.

The sunflowers are blooming once again in Lancaster and this year – they’ll continue Germaine’s mission, “So now we hold our annual sunflower sale in her name and donate all of the proceeds to a scholarship fund in her name for players on the Lancaster unified basketball team,” said Lukas, “Last season we gave two special needs students scholarships with these funds.”

So, if you have some time and would like to see some incredible beauty in this world – head over to the field at the corner of Genesee Street and Pavement Road in Lancaster and take a look at Germaine’s legacy right there – under the sunny skies.

Stop and take a few moments to simply enjoy what nature has made. Take a break from all of the sadness in the world. Stop and breathe in the fresh, country air.

Show your children how to appreciate even the smallest things in life.

And, perhaps most importantly – give thought to all of those people we miss and love. All of those people who we wish we could go to sunflower fields with.

For this family, it means the world, “Planting the field each year is a community event with help from neighbors and friends. My Mom loved to be in the garden and when we are working in the field we know she is right there watching over us.”


Corner of Genesee Street and Pavement Road


Saturday and Sunday –  September 9th  and 10th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunflower donations –  1 for $1 or 6 for $5

Pictures in the field always free.




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    Germaine Scofield is my cousin through her ex-husband (Nick Montanino). She was exactly as you state, kind hearted, good natured, accepting and loving of all. My childhood is peppered with fond memories of her. I know her passing has left a huge void in her family’s lives. It is wonderful that they have followed her example.

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    Germaine is my mother-in law. I have never met anyone in my life as kind and warm as her. Germaine still brings joy into our lives , even after her passing. Her sunflowers are a constant reminder that kindness and love surround us.

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    Germaine was my Dad’s aide for over 10 years at Lancaster High School. She was a part of our lives in so many ways beyond the classroom walls. She could bake, she could cook, she loved to travel, she was always there for anyone who needed her! She was a grandma to everyone she encountered and treated everyone with respect, even if they didn’t deserve it! Please support this fundraiser!

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    I worked with Germaine at Lancaster High School for many years. She was an amazing person with a true servants heart. She and her family are lovely. What a wonderful addition to her legacy.

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    There’s ANOTHER one in Newfane on Townline Road! The Panek family did the enormous planting for this one! I will post on facebook…

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    Heard there is one on Eckhardt RD in Eden of miniature sunflowers

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    She was my sons special ed aide during HS. She was his guardian angel on a daily basis and was responsible for him to complete his HS General diploma, not just a GED. We all miss her very much, she indeed was a special lady!

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