Young Brothers with Spina Bifida Inspire Community!!!

July 29, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani


They are adorable!!

Liam and Cullen Quattrini might have very significant challenges in life – but that doesn’t stop them from living it!!!


Both boys were born with Spina Bifida among many other serious medical issues.




Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that occurs causing the baby’s spinal cord to not develop properly. Both boys were born with the most severe type, Myelomeningocele. There are treatments, but this condition can’t be cured and comes with many complications.

Still, this family does all they can to live life to the fullest!!!!


Liam – who is four years old and has already had more than TEN surgeries – is quite the athlete! He’s very active in sports and plays Sled Hockey, skates with Gliding Stars and plays baseball with the Miracle League of Grand Island! He’s quite the kid and dreams of being a sled hockey goalie when he grows up!!



Rebecca says her baby, Cullen – who’s nearly one and a half – seems to have an interest in hockey just like is big brother. “We are expecting that before long, we will have two sled hockey players who will thrive for the sport. We are also hopeful that Cullen will become interested in ice skating and baseball, just like his brother.”


You see, Rebecca makes sure her boys live life – just like any mom does. Yes, there are challenges – but nothing that will stop them.




Currently, the boys have many therapies; physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, swallow therapy, and aquatic therapy to assist with their development.  These boys have had more medical challenges in their short lives than most adults have had in their entire lives – yet here they are playing and living and laughing. Life could be easier – sure. One thing this family could really use is a transport van for Liam’s wheelchair. “Our family has many needs, which we do the best to provide for but some things are out of reach,” Rebecca says, “At the top of our list is an accessible vehicle that can help us to haul around a wheelchair and all the other gear required for the children to thrive; and eventually to convert it to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This vehicle would be the difference between having to choose who gets to do what when and the boys being able to play their sports together. This could also mean the difference between being able to give the boys the opportunity for trips and vacations or not.”


Can you imagine making such choices? These boys deserve it all – like any child does. But the truth is – they need help from the community that is always there for others!


Photo Credit – Jennifer Sinatra

Together – lets help this family get that special vehicle!

Because life isn’t always easy but it is always – always – worth living!!! “While having a child (or in our case 2) with this diagnosis is not easy; we feel it’s important for people to know that they can have a wonderful life full of happiness and love.”

If you would like to help this beautiful family please visit their GOFUNDME PAGE HERE. Every dollar makes a difference! Every time you share their story makes a difference. Every prayer – yep, that makes a difference, too.

26 SHIRTS is also doing a fundraiser for the family – you can find more information and order your shirt at



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