You’ve heard of wine fairies – now – first responder fairies are here!!

June 18, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

This is pretty awesome. A local Facebook group is dedicated to bringing surprises and some joy to our local first responders.




Sarah Elizabeth sent me a message asking if I would want to share this news! I couldn’t wait to.

We need more kindness, more positive news, more inspiration – so check this out.

Sarah said she started a local group dedicated to bringing joy to those who serve and protect us because police and other first responders need our support. “The cops have been through alot lately, for one cop’s mistake. So I had the idea of ” Fairying a first Responder” I talked to a couple local sheriff’s and asked if they were to get gifted stuff what kinda stuff would they like. They told me snack, hand sanitizer, mask, water, Gatorade. So we started the group and since then we have close to 500 members. People are choosing random police stations and gifting them different things. Yesterday my 4 fairies and I delivered to the distrit B police station and the fire station on Bailey . The chief of both police station and fire station were so happy! They said all the bad in the world and they have people who still support them. Our shirts had ” back the blue” and the back said ” I got your six”.





Well – this proves that kindness is contagious because this group has taken off!!!


So what is this group all about? Here’s how they describe it..

“We all know of the booze/Fairying groups . Well how about Fairying a First Responders . ( Emts, firefighters, cops, nurses, doctor’s, dispatchers etc) There maybe alot of bad things happening in this world right now but we can bring positive to the situation, so let’s do it. They are all working extremely hard right now and putting their lives at risk for themselves and us! What one officer did doesn’t mean they are all bad! But they are the ones paying for it. So please, if you’re going to be negative towards the Police do not join this group. You can fairy any kind of first responder.”




People have delivered goodies to departments including – Buffalo, Little Valley, Lancaster, Attica, Hamburg and others!!!! This is fantastic!!!




Find more on the Fairying the First Responders Group HERE




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