11 Buffalo Wedding Venues to #Totally Make You Swoon!

April 21, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Written by Totally Buffalo Contributor – Taylor Kickbush


Do you hear that? Yes, that! That is the sound of church bells chiming and cans clanking, preparing for the May benchmark that flags the official wedding season. I can almost taste the truly beloveds’ wedding cakes now.

While some couples prefer traditional ceremonies, others might choose to merge a fresh venue into their wedding plans. Whatever the case, Buffalo couples have a platter of options when it comes to identifying the perfect location to tie the knot.

There is no shortage in decisions when preparing for the big day, but perhaps after reading about these 11 authentically Buffalo venues, selecting where the wedding will be held won’t be one of them:

1. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

You know you’re on Pearl Street when you casually see a detective-looking man mounted on a beer tap and protruding from a large, brick building. It’s as cool as it sounds, and the business that actually occupies the building doubles as a wedding host. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery offers delectable eats and homemade beer, but its wrap-around patios, outdoor blooming hanging baskets, Lake Erie views, and brick walls are what “take the cake” for this wedding venue. The Grill has five rooms to choose from, four of which have patio access, and all of them offer stunning views of those colorful, Buffalo sunsets.

2. The Lodge at Woodlawn Beach State Park

Beach weddings on the shore of Lake Erie are iconic wedding imagery, and The Lodge at Woodlawn Beach State Park is just a short skip from that picturesque scene. It has indoor and courtyard options, which seat approximately 120-180 of your closest friends. The Lodge is located within the Buffalo metropolitan area, and the beach area has a nature boardwalk, a panoramic view of the lake, and a playground for the kiddos.

3. Larkin Square

The urban canvas of Larkin Square is what makes it an alternative place to wed in Buffalo. The Square is plotted in a busy area of Larkinville, providing options for indoor and outdoor weddings. There’s a large, wooden pavilion just begging for your string lights to be strung on its rafters. The pavilion is DJ ready, too, with a built-in sound system. Not to mention, the area is family friendly and has plenty of greenspace for lawn games!

4. Hurd Orchards

If you’re trying to dodge the city life on your big day, perhaps considering a low-key western New York wedding location is your best bet. Hurd Orchards, located in Holley, is a family-owned fruit and flower farm in the lake plains. The farm owners generously provide all of the food, flowers, and decorations for your event, and even offer seating and chinaware. You aren’t restricted to marry in the 200-year-old barn—you can choose to enjoy the herb gardens, a pavilion, and/or cottage, too!

5. Marquis de Lafayette

Otherwise known as The Lafayette Hotel, this venue is rich in Buffalo history and design. There are three ballrooms (yes, they are ballrooms!) that boast accents like chandeliers, marble floors, mahogany paneling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and Gatsby-esque architecture. Walking into The Lafayette is like

strolling into an extravagant era of renaissance. It’s lavish, retro-luxe, and you’ve probably pinned venues like it on Pinterest.

6. Grand Lady Cruises

If you’re searching to really have a close-to-water ceremony, perhaps you should consider exchanging vows aboard a vessel. Cruising on Lake Erie with 60-88 guests provides an intimate, charming ambiance for you and your loved ones. Imagine the silhouette pictures you could capture at sunset aboard the Grand Lady!

7. Avanti Mansion

Just as it sounds, Avanti is a mansion that’s prepared for your small guest list or your 275-person invite. The estate’s history stems back to the 1800s, but its renovated and remodeled structure deliver an elegant property for a wedding. Whether you want a fairytale-like ballroom experience, an enchanted garden service, or a sophisticated library ceremony, Avanti has a tailored space for your vision. No matter which venue you choose, Avanti provides wedding planning and customizable options so you can truly make the day yours.

8. Buffalo RiverWorks

If you want to stray away from the “normal” places to walk down the aisle, Buffalo RiverWorks could be your go-to wedding destination. The massive, refashioned cement building and its surroundings are home to six towering Labatt Blue silos, a rock climbing wall, canal-side views, four bars, a restaurant, and a 60,000 square foot space for events. One of the grain silos was transformed into a fully functioning brewery, which will soon streamline beer to three of RiverWorks’s bars. This venue would certainly be a one-of-a-kind party!

9. Hayloft in the Grove

Feeling the rustic chic vibes for your dream ceremony? The Hayloft in the Grove is a rentable barn with ample room for customization! It’s newly restored, contributing a modern look to that classic farm atmosphere. There’s a field perfect for photos, a beautifully landscaped outdoor space, fences, plenty of room for your guests, and opportunity for fun activities. Toss some horseshoes, play some cornhole, and get ready for a wedding down on this mod farm.

10. Marcy Casino

Have your guests sit amid the Rose Garden in Delaware Park as you and your soulmate walk down the stone pathway, climb the pegola steps, and say, “I do.” The Garden is a mellow, but enchanting venue not far from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Hoyt Lake, and is adjacent to Marcy Casino. You can invite 200 people to your ceremony in the Rose Garden, and then start the party on the gorgeous, lower (private and covered!) terrace of the Casino. The terrace has stunning views of the lake, which would be a hard-to-forget backdrop for photos.

11. Tifft Nature Preserve

Tifft is a nature refuge that is devoted to preservation and conservation of the environment. The space is 246-acres and has outdoor options for an earthy ceremony, and indoor options for those JIC (Just In Case) moments. If you and your loved one are up for hiking on your wedding day, Tifft Nature Preserve has five miles of nature trails and three boardwalks. At Tifft, there is ample room for exploration on your big day.


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