4 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher Before School is Out for Summer!

June 14, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

Can you believe it? It’s just about the end of the school year. As is usually the case, it flew by. Now, it’s all fun in the sun for the next few months, right? Well, sort of. There are some important things to keep in mind over summer break. The most important, and most obvious, is to keep your child reading all summer long! But, it’s also important to understand your child’s needs as they enter break. That’s why a little chat or email conversation with your child’s teacher is really a great idea.

Here are 4 important questions to ask your child’s teacher.

  1.  How do you think the school year went? Your child’s teacher can and should give you an honest assessment as to how your child did; everything from learning to friends to manners. You might be surprised at what you learn about your little one!
  2. What do you think my child’s strengths and weaknesses are?  Sure, you might already know the answer to this question, but getting a firm confirmation can surely help you determine what you might want to work on with your little one. And, to be honest, your child doesn’t even have to know they’re working on anything! If math is a tough subject, have them count things on a regular basis. Change, candy, apples – anything and everything. It’s just important to know where they may be struggling so you can help them before school starts up again in the fall!
  3. What two or three things should we work on during summer break? This is an important question because your child’s teacher knows what is coming up for your child in their next year. They know what is expected and if your child is there, almost there, or really needs some help!
  4. How is my child doing socially? I believe this is a crucial question. Social skills are often hard to teach and hard to learn. They are very important and can make a huge impact on your child as far as friendships go. You’ll want to know if your child is timid, afraid, overbearing, disruptive and on and on.

Sometimes the answers to these questions can fill you with pride and sometimes the answers might be tough to hear, but either way, being informed is the key to success – for you as a parent, and for your child!




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