Aquarium of Niagara welcomes two penguin chicks and boy are they cute!

April 27, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

We are happy to share this good news!!

The Aquarium of Niagara announced the successful incubation and hatching of two Humboldt penguin chicks. This is the first successful penguin hatching at the Aquarium since April 2006. The Aquarium is currently closed to the public in response to the COVID-19.

The chicks hatched earlier this month after a 40-46 day incubation period. Their sex will be determined by a blood test so stay tuned!


The penguin chicks will remain in the nest with their parents – Blanca and PJ, Jr. for several weeks and are expected to grow rapidly. It is currently breeding season for Humboldt penguins, and animal care staff hope to welcome additional chicks in the coming weeks as they continue to monitor the penguin colony.

The two new chicks join the Aquarium’s colony of 14 adult penguins. Penguin Coast has the capacity to house 24 adult Humboldt Penguins.

Welcome to the world little ones.



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