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October 3, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Local Organization That Is Making a Difference, By Jennifer Calero

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the WNY community is not shy about showing its support! From downtown to suburbs, you will find people and places “turning pink” to support the cause. For most people, Breast Cancer Awareness Month means you buy pink ribbons or wear pink clothes. Then on October 31st, we trade our pink ribbons for Halloween costumes and after that, it all goes away until next year.

That’s usually how I’d approach October…until my family was impacted by breast cancer. 6 years ago my Mom was diagnosed, for a second time, with Stage IV breast cancer. When you see someone you love fighting through this disease your perspective on Breast Cancer Awareness Month changes a bit and you realize breast cancer is something that people live with every day; not just in October.

“Going pink” has certainly helped raise awareness about the disease itself as well as the importance of self-care and early detection. Despite raising awareness, more than 1,400 WNY women will hear the words “you have breast cancer” this year. 1,400! That number is huge and steadily climbing. Beyond the pink ribbons, pink clothes and the month of October, these 1,400 need support and one local organization is stepping up to the plate and making a difference in these women’s lives.

The Breast Cancer Network of WNY (BCN) is a local non-profit dedicated to the education, support, and advocacy for breast cancer patients and survivors of WNY. Throughout the month of October, they are hosting several events that will provide helpful information to breast cancer patients and survivors.

On October 5th, they are hosting an informational session called Genetic Testing and Counseling Seminar with Laura Fisher of Windsong Radiology.

On October 10th, they are hosting a class titled Nutrition & Breast Cancer.

Then finally on October 21st, they will host their 24th Annual Education Day. Education Day is a half day event that includes some of the most prestigious speakers from the cancer care community. This year the focus of the speakers will be “A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Wellness.” Attendees will learn about topics such as nutrition, modifying behavior habits, the benefits of tai chi and exercise, and new developments in breast cancer research. If you or someone you love has been impacted by breast cancer, this is a “must attend” event.

BCN offers educational programming, exercise, and health and wellness classes throughout the year. They also have several special events and fundraisers. I have personally chosen to support BCN because they are a hometown organization that helps women in our community. They are mainly volunteer run so most of their funding goes directly to support their programming. Most importantly, every dollar you contribute stays right here in WNY to support WNY women.

If you’re looking for a way to show your support AND make a difference this month, attend one of their events, donate to their organization, volunteer with them or better yet, share information about the programming they offer to someone impacted by breast cancer.

You can learn more about the Breast Cancer Network of WNY online at


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